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How To Find And Catch Sea Pigs In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

How To Find And Catch Sea Pigs In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The sea pig is one of the hardest to catch and one of the rarest deep-water species in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It only occurs at specific periods of the year. In addition to being scarce, sea pigs are swift animals that take a lot of catching attempts. If you wish to pay off your mortgage, they provide a good source of income selling it for 10,000 Bells. Not difficult to locate, but challenging to capture. You should check to see if they are available that month because they are seasonal. You can capture it from the ocean floor just as easily as you can fish if you put in the practice and measure your dives. In the game, you can prepare plenty of Animal Crossing Bells.

How to catch sea pigs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the sea pig appears as a small, fast shadow from the water. Therefore, players need to use better techniques to capture this little animal. A good way to catch faster fur seals while swimming is to slowly swim up to where the shadow is, then dive directly over the shadow. This is because critters are less likely to escape when the player is swimming on the surface.

Active between 4pm and 9am, the sea pig is more of a night pig. The creature will be available to players in the northern hemisphere from November to February. For players in the southern hemisphere, sea pigs will be seen from May to the end of August.

One of the most costly sea species in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the sea pig, which can be purchased in Nook & Cranny for 10,000 Bells. Since they are precious, it would be worthwhile to go sea pig hunting for a day during sea pig season in order to create a lot of bells. Additionally, these miniature creatures can be given to Blaser’s museum. If the player donates, Blathers can share some intriguing information about these little creatures, such as the fact that sea pigs are a particular species of deadly sea cucumber.

You are unlikely to catch a sea pig by manually swimming towards it, as it will likely be moving faster than your swimming speed. You have to understand its movement and then position yourself where you predict it will move. Dive under the watch and swim to the sea pigs. If the sea pigs start to move away, you have enough oxygen to adjust your path. If the sea pig is close enough, wait for it to stop and move towards the shadow to catch it. If you get the position wrong or the sea pig moves in a different direction, resurface and try again.

Sea pigs sometimes stop moving or don’t move quickly, and this is your best chance of catching it. Intercepting it is also an option, but that may involve more luck than you’re comfortable with. It will take some practice, but eventually you can capture your own sea pigs in the museum and turn them into Blathers. You can also sell it if you need the money to pay off the loan.

There are many of things to do as you wait for the sea pigs, like decorating the house or going fossil hunting as 4 o’clock approaches. You can still hire a wetsuit and catch a sea pig if you’re on a shady island. You only need to prepare enough Animal Crossing Money and wait for the appropriate month to appear in order to begin hunting now that you know where to look and how to catch them.