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Destiny 2 Vault of Glass Raid Guide: How to Complete the Raid?

Destiny 2 Vault of Glass Raid Guide: How to Complete the Raid?

Destiny 2’s Vault of Glass Attack is a tomfoolery and testing raid that tests your abilities and collaboration. Unlike the story missions already in the game, the Vault of Glass isn’t just about shooting bullet sponge enemies until they die. It requires coordination, sorting out supervisor mechanics and settling riddles to get further into the vault. Raid like the Vault of Glass are extreme and require solid battle abilities, extraordinary group coordination, and an engaged psyche. Consequently, this guide is expected to assist hopeful Guardians with understanding their ideal gear to effectively overcome a raid and how to finish it. Players can buy D2 Silver to assist with finishing the Vault of Glass raid in Destiny 2.

Recommended ideal equipment

  • Build and protect against light with Charged with Light for excellent damage reduction and make sure you’re hard to kill.
  • Use the ammo finder and keep the mods that correspond to your heavy weapon type.
  • Encounters two and six have overload champions, so overload mods are important.
  • Make sure to set boss specs for weapons in boss encounters. Use minor or major specs in other encounters.
  • If playing during Splicer Season, use the Breach and Clear mod to debuff your grenade launcher grenades to enemies (including bosses) and increase the damage they take from your team by 30%.

How to complete the Vault of Glass raid in Destiny 2?

Beware of overloaded champions

Champions in raids are a bit of a headache, except for Last Wish, every raid has some type of champion. Vault of Glass has Overload Champions in two encounters: the Conflux encounter and the teleporter encounter before the final encounter with Atheon. Make sure that at least one person in the fire team is using overload mods and weapons so that if the team can’t deal enough damage, they can be stunned and directly blown to death. Overloaded champions, even in low light, can be a headache as they regenerate health quickly even at high damage and can teleport around to avoid damage.

A stagnation of ad flow is the best

Several encounters in the Vault of Glass depend on the player to simply clear the ad, rather than make a complicated mechanic. This was the case for the first encounter outside the sky, and the same for the Conflux encounter inside the sky. It could also be said that the teleporter encounters that preceded Atien’s boss encounters also relied on the removal of ads. Those in charge of ad cleanup can rely on “still” to slow down ads. In normal mode, this may not be necessary, but if the player is dealing with the harder version of the Vault of Glass, “stasis” can be a fantastic tool for slowing down enemies. Shadebinders in particular would be a powerful class for warlocks. Otherwise, Blinding Grenades and Blighters are great tools for controlling ads when things get a little intense.

Using the all-powerful hunter is the best way to deal with the Gorgons

One of the more unique encounters in the Vault of Glass is the Gorgon Labyrinth, which is filled with powerful hobbits that can kill players with just a glance. If the player feels confident, they can try to sneak past the hobbit by distracting them with the sound of the ability, but otherwise, it’s safest to have a hunter in the fireteam. Hunters can use the Omnioculus Exotic Breastplate and Void subclass and make the entire fireteam invisible. This would make encounters completely trivial. That said, players need to huddle together and make sure everyone has stealth grenades on them. Otherwise, even one player triggering the Gorgons can kill the entire fireteam.

The Vault of Glass in Destiny 2 ought to be a moment nostalgic wellspring of wistfulness for veteran players, alongside a few extraordinary new changes. For novices, it’s feasible to perceive how far Destiny has come as far as raid design and intricacy. Assuming you want Destiny 2 Silver to push the game ahead, remain tuned to where you can find all significant valuable information in Destiny 2’s finished strategy guide.

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