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How To Start And Complete Blackguard Big Boggart Quests In Elden Ring

How To Start And Complete Blackguard Big Boggart Quests In Elden Ring

Missed the Blackguard Big Boggart quest in Elden Ring, like other NPC quests, the Big Boggart quest is not required to complete the game, it just adds some fun to Lands Between and gives you the ultimate Kill the details. So, if you’re ready to get into trouble, get your hands on a plethora of Cheap Elden Ring Runes to help you up your game, here’s how to complete the Elden Ring Blackguard Big Boggart quest.

What is Blackguard Big Boggart?

Blackguard Big Boggart is an NPC and trader from Elden Ring who is involved in Rya and Dung Eater’s questlines. Originally found in Liurnia in the Lake District. Defiled adventurers can first meet Boggart at the Boiled Shrimp Shack north of Grace Scenic Area on the Isle of the Lake. Despite his humble role in selling poached shrimp, Boggart is closely associated with the storyline of Rhea and the terrifying dung-eater at Volcano Manor.

How to start the Blackguard Big Boggart quest at Elden Ring

To start the story of Blackguard Big Boggart one needs to do:

1. The player must first talk to Rya, who is located under the gazebo next to the nearby Birdseye telescope.

2. After talking to Rya located southeast of Boggart, talk to the Blackguard.

3. The Black Guard will sell you Rya’s necklace for 1000 runes. You do have the option to kill him to get the necklace, but obviously, this will prevent you from starting his quest.

4. Once you get the necklace, return it to Rya, then go back to the Boilprawn Shack and talk to Big Boggart again. Buy his boiled shrimp to make him trust you.

5. Blackguard Big Boggart should now be available as a summonable NPC in the Magma Wyrm Makar fight, at the end of the Ruin Strewn Precipice shortcut to Altus Plateau.

How to complete the Blackguard Big Boggart quest at Elden Ring

Boggart will share some information about the Coproeater when players find him in his new location, which is west of a small lake south of Minor Erdtree on the outskirts of the capital. Before they can complete the final phase of the Boggart mission, they need to:

1. They first need to release the Coproeater from prison and receive a message from him that he will be waiting to fight the players in the moat outside Ryndell.

2. After that, the player should head to the moat and run out of Boggart’s dialogue until he agrees that the dung eaters are lurking somewhere nearby.

3. After reloading the area, players will be able to interact with Boggart, who is now seriously injured, to trigger an invasion of the dung eaters.

Defeating the Coproeater will complete Boggart’s quest and spawn a Seed Bed Curse on Boggart’s body along with his other loot.

4. Note: If the player is invaded by the dung eaters before the Boggart moves to the moat, or if they kill the Boggart at any point during the quest, they will not be able to obtain the Seedbed Curse.

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