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What Is A Lock Picking Gun And How To Use It

What Is A Lock Picking Gun And How To Use It

A lockpicking gun, also known as a spring gun, is a tool that quickly and forcefully opens a marble-based lock without the use of a key. Since the invention of locks, creative and exploratory people have been coming up with new ways to bypass these complex mechanisms and gain access to all the valuables they don’t have permission to access. So this article aims to tell you the specific instructions about the lock picking gun and how to use it, you can also go to the online store to buy the Lock Picking Tools you want to help you unlock the lock.

What is a lockpicking gun

There are usually two tools needed to open a lock: a lock pick and a tension wrench. A gun can replace a lockpicker, but you’ll also need a tension wrench. When using the tooth pick gun, it must also be twisted with a tension wrench, otherwise the lock will not open.

There are two main types of lockpicking guns: manual and electric, the only difference between them is that a manual lockpicking gun requires you to pull the trigger every time you want to “fire”. The electric lock-opening gun is similar to a fully automatic machine gun. You just need to hold down a button and the electric lock picker will “fire” by itself over and over again.

With a manual lock pick there is always a risk of pulling the trigger back too far and damaging the pin in the lock, you must also apply the right amount of pressure to the tension wrench. Using a power pick gun can hit the key pin faster than a manual pick gun, and this vibration can allow you more attempts to lift the pin correctly.

In conclusion, using both manual and electric lockpicking guns requires a lot of skill and practice, as it is not as simple as plugging in the device and opening it. Before you start, you need to know the correct settings to get the power you need, or you can accidentally damage the locking mechanism or pickaxe.

How to use a lockpicking gun

To unlock is to “set” the pins of the lock. The latch in the lock prevents the “plug” from turning by impeding free movement. Unlocking, no matter the technique, requires removing these pins so that the plug can be turned and the lock opened.

The basic principle of manual unlocking guns and electric unlocking guns is the same as that of collision keys. When the gun is inserted into the lock and the needle tip hits the key pin, the kinetic energy enters the upper drive pin through the key pin, causing it to fire above the shear line, making the lock instantly rotatable. If the tension wrench pressure is applied correctly, the lock will move and then open. When you pull the trigger on the pistol, it moves the needle down under the tension of the spring. Once the trigger is pulled back far enough, the part that pulls the spring slides back, causing the pry pin to snap up quickly and hit the pin. Pulling the trigger a certain number of times, then releasing it manually, has the same effect.

The ideal way to pick a lock shouldn’t destroy the lock itself, so mastering the correct way is crucial, and it’s an essential skill for a locksmith. For convenience, you can also go to to buy cheap Locksmith Tools.