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Monster Hunter Rise: How To Beat Mizutsune

Monster Hunter Rise: How To Beat Mizutsune

Mizutsune, one of the most recognizable monsters in Monster Hunter Rise, is one of the first challenging creatures that players will encounter early in the game. It is rated as having a medium difficulty, and players must pay close attention because it has a lot of debuffs and attacks. If you are not careful, Mizutsune’s assault will kill the player in one blow. In order to defeat Miztsune in Monster Hunter Rise, it is necessary for players to prepare an adequate amount of MH Rise Zenny before beginning the fight.

Mizutsune: Strengths and Weaknesses

Although Mizutsune’s agility is menacing, it also has some obvious flaws that you can use to your advantage. Mizutsune has a fundamental weakness in both Thunder Attack and Dragon Attack, it is important to note. When compared to Dragon’s attack, Thunderbolt is more efficient and has an advantage over more Mizatsune targets. Mizutsune’s head and neck are the best attack sites since they have the highest potential of dealing damage and dispatching enemies more quickly. Although the tail is usually easier to hit in fights and might be a good target when you can’t get to the head area, you should attempt to concentrate your attack here.

How to beat Mizutsune in Monster Hunter Rise

Mizutsune was a very passive opponent in Monster Hunter Generations, but this time around he has become more aggressive. Nevertheless, Mizutsune’s gimmick—the bubbles—continues to be effective. Bubbles will be thrown by Mizutsune all throughout the encounter.

Mizutsune’s primary method of attack against you is a barrage of bubble-based ranged attacks. The majority of these take the form of charged propagating strikes that you must avoid or avoid by moving. Additionally, Mizutsune frequently launches single bubbles, such as a big pink bubble that deals more damage than the typical beige bubbles. Hunters who are struck by these bubbles only sustain minor damage, but the player suffers from bubble wither. The player increases their mobility and escape distance if they are hit by the bubble just once, but if they are struck twice, their mobility becomes uncontrollable.

Mizutsune can also use a water cannon attack, which sprays water directly ahead in addition to these bubble assaults. Mizutsune move their heads to direct the water’s direction into the air or in a sweeping motion, occasionally surging up into the air, so it’s not just a static waterline. It is advised to avoid rolling through such rapids because they might extend over great miles and will be challenging to escape from. The “bubbleblight” debuff is also applied if you miss your dodge. zero berries can be consumed to reverse this.

The information provided above is a thorough walkthrough on how to defeat Miztsune in Monster Hunter Rise. Players can purchase cheap Monster Hunter Rise Zenny to improve their equipment and beat Miztsune more quickly.