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Roblox: How To Get The Sleeping Honey In The Unicorn Backpack

Roblox: How To Get The Sleeping Honey In The Unicorn Backpack

Similar to Adopt Me or Livetopia, Claire’s ShimmerVille is an RPG/lifestyle game where players can adopt adorable pets, purchase and personalize their own homes, land dream jobs, and more. Players that accomplish an in-game task involving an NPC named TheMeganPlays completing a brief 10- to 20-minute chain of missions will receive the Sleepy Honey the Unicorn Backpack Back Accessory Item for free from Roblox ShimmerVille. Players will receive a thorough introduction on how to find the sleeping honey in the unicorn backpack by reading this tutorial. In the game, players can stock up on Roblox Robux.

Unlock the Sleepy Honey Unicorn Backpack in Roblox ShimmerVille

Players must finish all five of MeganPlays’ in-game missions in order to get the Sleepy Honey The Unicorn Backpack. Players are required to unlock Sleepy Honey the Unicorn Backpack in Roblox ShimmerVille for TheMeganPlays’s first mission before going to Pierce and Shimmer Jewelry in Claire to collect it. The bag with the unicorn icon on it may be found inside the jewelry shop in the arcade, which the player must access. To finish the first leg of her quest chain, return this bag to TheMeganPlays.

Look for anything shiny.

The player must enter the mall and locate the Claire’s Pierce and Shimmer jewelry store to do this mission. There will be a tiny bag on the floor of this store; to pick it up, press E. Bring back this bag to MeganPlays to finish the task.

Seek something scrumptious

Enter Claire’s Cafe Corner and look for a sparkling pink doughnut on the counter to finish this quest. To finish the quest, press E to pick up this donut and bring it back to MeganPlays.

Better pet

The player has complete control over how to accomplish this; they can either purchase a brand-new pet and level it up from level one to level two, or they can use an existing pet and bring it up a level. It is typically simpler to level up a new pet than an established pet, although the player has the final say. It’s crucial to consider your pets’ demands if you want to level them up swiftly. There is a chance to grant the player’s pet XP whenever a new symbol appears at the top of the screen.

Obtain 1 000 Claire Coins

The best approach to do this task, which is rather simple, is to visit your quest menu and complete as many quests as you can. Players are rewarded with 400 Clares every ten minutes or so, so it is imperative that they keep an eye on their salary.


To do this, play a round of the Glam&Hair, Hair Salon mini-game. In order to win this mini-game, players must pay close attention to each customer’s needs and carry out their requests. The mini-game will conclude when the consumer is completely satisfied, and the task will then be finished.

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