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GTA Online: How to Buy a Garage

GTA Online: How to Buy a Garage

Players can purchase a wide variety of items in the GTA V Online universe using their money. In the online game types, some of the nicest things players may buy are various automobiles. If you’ve accumulated a lot of automobiles over the years, having the biggest garage in GTA Online is crucial because you’ll need a place to store them safely. This post will explain how to purchase garages in GTA Online, but first, players must prepare enough GTA 5 Money.

Buying a Garage in GTA Online or On Foot

In GTA Online, garages are just as common as other types of real estate in Los Santos. Driving by yourself and comparing costs is one method of garage shopping. Select Garage from the menu after opening the map. Drive to the neighborhood that is most convenient and add the address to your GPS. By choosing the buy option on the sale billboard in front of the property, players in GTA Online can quickly buy a garage.

You can purchase a Garage more easily by going to from your in-game phone or computer. Players can research the top homes in GTA Online and consider their alternatives on the website, which functions like a real-world real estate portal. Players may purchase garages straight from their smartphones thanks to detailed descriptions, prices, and images.

There are three different price tiers for garages, with low-end garages being less expensive than high-end garages. Low-end goods have a price range of $25,000 to $35,000. The median cost is between $62,500 and $80,000. Players will have to pay between $105,000 and $150,000 for luxurious garages. The number of vehicles you can store depends on how pricey your garage is; high-end garages let players keep up to 10 automobiles inside its walls.

Players will be able to shield their car from other players in free roam mode, which is one of the best advantages of having a garage. Players that want to lock their automobiles can do so if they have a garage because open-air vehicles can be hijacked or destroyed.

A two-car garage, a six-car garage, and a ten-car garage are among the three types of garages that are available for purchase. See below for places and price ranges:

Two garages

Little Bighorn Ave – East Los Santos = $25,000

Unit 124 Public Street – East Los Santos = $25,000

1 Strawberry Ave – NW San Andreas = $26,000

142 Paleto Blvd – Northwest San Andreas = $26,500

1932 Grapeseed Ave – East San Andreas = $27,500

1200 Route 68 – Central San Andreas = $28,500

197 Route 60 – Central San Andreas = $29,000

0754 Roy Lowenstein Blvd – East Los Santos = $29,500

2000 Ocean Highway – NW San Andreas = $31,500

1920 Senora Way – East San Andreas = $32,000

634 Blvd Del Perro – Northwest Los Santos = $33,500

0897 Mirror Park Blvd – Northeast Los Santos = $33,500

Garage Innocence Blvd – South Central Los Santos = $34,000

Six garages

870 Route 68 Approach – Central San Andreas = $62,500

8754 Route 68 – Central San Andreas = $65,000

4531 Dry Dock St – Southeast of Los Santos = $67,500

Unit 1 Olympic Fury – East Los Santos = $70,000

0432 Davis Ave – East Los Santos = $72,500

1905 Davis Ave – South Los Santos = $75,000

Unit 14 Popular St – East Los Santos = $77,500

0552 Roy Lowenstein Blvd – East Los Santos = $80,000

Ten garages

1623 South Shambles St – SE Los Santos = $105,000

1337 Exceptional Way – Southwest Los Santos = $112,500

Unit 76 Greenwich Parkway – Southwest Los Santos = $120,500

331 Supply Street – East Los Santos = $135,000

Unit 2 Popular St – East Los Santos = $142,500

0120 Murrieta Heights – East Los Santos = $150,000

This article provides a thorough tutorial on how to purchase a garage in GTA Online mode. In GTA, players can gather enough GTA V Online Money to purchase a garage.