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How To Unlock All Backpack Upgrades In Death Stranding

How To Unlock All Backpack Upgrades In Death Stranding

Traveling across a post-apocalyptic America in Death Stranding requires players to forge ties with the various survivors. Sam Porter Bridges must handle the weight of numerous goods in his dependable backpack to do this. Players can improve their backpacks in Death Stranding to give them more features. To enhance the bag, players can buy enough Death Stranding for Sale in the game.

How to unlock all backpack upgrades

Gamers should think about improving Sam’s backpack as soon as possible. While these improvements are necessary, if you need to transfer a lot of merchandise in Death Stranding, you should start employing automobiles. Players will be able to carry more packages in the enhanced bag as a result, which will help them save time.

Backpack Cover: Reach connection level 2 with the Collector.

Grenade Pouch: Complete Order #37.

Utility Bag: Reach connection level 2 with Cosplayer.

Large Grenade Pouch: Reach connection level 3 with Cosplayer.

Spare Ammo Crates: Arrive at Connection Level 3 at the distribution center north of Mountain Knot City.

Spare Batteries: Arrive at Connection Level 4 north of Mountain Knot City and the distribution center. Stabilizer: Complete Order 46.

Love Knot: Complete Order 53.

Dollar Coin: Reach connection level 1 with the Spiritualist.

Weather Charm: Reach connection level 2 with the Weather Station.

Bell Charm: Reach level 2 in relationship with the Novelist’s Son.

Cryogenic Creatures Charisma: Reach connection level 4 at Heartman’s Lab.

Windmill: Get to the connection level 1 south of Lake Knot City to the distribution center.

Optimal Backpack Setup

Players can be perplexed as to which enhancements Sam’s backpack employs because backpacks can only be placed in a 5X6 grid. However, the greatest backpack configurations favor improvements that let Sam transport heavier things farther. The ideal backpack settings for Death Stranding are shown below, making it simpler for Sam to reach the finish line:

1 additional battery placed horizontally (level 4)

Spare Ammo Box (Lv. 2)

Grenade bag


Backpack cover

Extra blood pack in utility pouch

Some players, on the other hand, might decide against getting more health and ammunition and instead choose two batteries and a few grenade pouches. Sam can carry weapons, grenades, and blood packs on his back after all, and getting more energy requires buying more batteries. It all comes down to the distance between the generators, the player’s energy consumption, and how badly they want those adorable patches to appear. To upgrade all backpacks, players must buy Cheap Death Stranding in the game.