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History of Door Knobs

History of Door Knobs

It’s difficult to envision a world without door knobs because they are such a prevalent and useful element of daily life. In reality, the history of doorknobs is unexpected and fascinating, ranging from early forms that we might not even classify as doorknobs to the great range of patterns we have today. As they have been in use for so long, door handles have experienced substantial design and functional alterations. We examine their ancient beginnings, ongoing growth, and effects on the world around us, starting with the origins of door functioning and ending with the doorknobs we are familiar with today. At, you can also get sufficient Lock Picking Tools.

Early door handle

For thousands of years, people have used doorknobs to open and shut doors, and there is proof that they have existed for at least 5,000 years. This implies that simple doorknob types were employed by ancient civilizations like the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. Simple, functional objects constructed of wood, stone, or metal were the earliest doorknobs.

A variety of materials were used to create the early door handles, and not all door handles worked with a simple turn. Since the beginning, pressed and cut glass door knobs have been widely used. Prior to the first American patent being acquired for door handles made of clay and the introduction of cast metal handles about 1846, China or ceramic handles were primarily imported from France and England. Common wooden knobs were replaced with composite metal knobs, rendering wooden knobs obsolete. These modern metal door knobs have an iron or steel body that is entirely or partially finished in a bronze or brass color.

What was used before door handles?

We do know that the Egyptians were the first civilization to use surface rim locks, probably holding doors open with some sort of pull, probably made of bronze or iron. The door could only be locked with the key at first.

In fact, prior to the development of doorknobs, the majority of locks were keyed (if they could afford them). People may store valuables in lockable boxes if a lock could not be made. Door handles are not required because there are simpler, less expensive ways to operate doors due to the cost of locks and security. For this reason, the lock cord was developed so that people could safeguard their possessions. It was eventually possible to simply staple the inner doors together, enabling the use of wrought iron deadbolt latches or thumb latches to open and close the doors.

Very ornamental gold door knobs were produced during Louis XIV’s reign (1643–1715) to symbolize the opulent lifestyle he established for himself and his court. We might suppose that the purpose of the rudimentary disguised mortice lock was to enable the clean-looking screwing of these well-made door knobs onto a door.

Modern door handles nowadays

Nowadays, both interior and exterior doors frequently employ door knobs. While interior door handles and doorknobs sometimes may not require locks for simple access to the interior, external doors may have locks for security.

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