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Destiny 2: How to Complete the Glowing Torment Challenge

Destiny 2: How to Complete the Glowing Torment Challenge

For those who want to take on the menace head-on, the Destiny 2 Luminous Torment challenge in Nightmare Origins Master Mode has increased difficulty. For players who like a greater difficulty in their raids, there are raid challenges. Anybody who can successfully finish the challenge and successfully confront it will receive bonus treasure. The Illuminated Torment challenge for First Encounter was recently added by Bungie to the most recent raid on Nightmare Origins. In the game, players can gather enough Destiny 2 Silver.

Glowing Torment Challenge

Players can only beat Tormentors while wearing the Light Field perk in order to finish the Illuminated Torment challenge. Fortunately, there are a few ways to handle this difficulty successfully.

Plant seeds

The player must first determine which character will run and sow normally while the others are under enemy control. Enemy controlling players should be aware of the two psions spawning in distinct regions; defeating both will cause the tormentor to arrive. This is important to prevent the team from losing out on the wipe mechanic.

The runner has enough time to seed and finish the encounter after killing the Tormentor, which adds 30 seconds to the clock. The Tormentor is typically vanquished by all of the enemy control players working together. Nevertheless, players can only defeat Tormentor while wearing the Light Field perk in order to finish the Illuminated Torment challenge. So how can you obtain the buff the best?

Complete the challenge

There are two ways for players to successfully accomplish challenges. The first is to have every player under enemy control take the Tormentor down until it has little to no health left. After that, runners with the Field of Light buff will instantly deliver the decisive blow as they travel through the region. This avoids the hassle of having the adversary command the player to apply buffs and guarantee the destruction of the Tormentor. This adds extra work for the runner, though, and is not a wise choice for beginners.

Therefore the second option is to have all enemy control players join up with the Runner when they acquire the Light Field buff, allowing everyone to deal the last blow to the Tormentor. Although it takes some time to gather everyone for the buff, using this approach ensures that everyone can face the tormentor without fear of failing the challenge.

How to beat Glowing Torment on Master Difficulty

For skilled players, the difficulty increases right away because, in addition to the Tormentor, there are also unstoppable champions controlled by the adversary to face. Only confident people should try this because this new hazard can get harder for players to find as time goes on. The extra treasure from the raid should be sufficient for players to return and attempt the Illuminated Torment task on this difficulty once they have mastered the challenge in Destiny 2’s Nightmare Roots raid. A sufficient amount of Destiny 2 top up can be prepared by players.

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