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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Complete the Running Rabbit Quest

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Complete the Running Rabbit Quest

The Disney Dreamlight Valley Easter Egg Festival event, which introduces numerous new quests with bunny and egg themes, places a lot of emphasis on rabbits. The April event includes the Running Rabbit quest, which was first made available as part of the Valley Update. Here’s a guide to finishing this mission quickly and earning rewards. For the running rabbit assignment, players must have enough Disney Dreamlight Valley Accounts prepared.

How to Complete the Running Rabbit in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To finish the task, you must first locate Wall-E and speak with him. By clicking on his icon, you can navigate to him on the map. There will be a trail of dreamlight that will take you to him. From his list of quests, pick Bunnies on the Run.

You’ll hear from Wall-E that he wants your assistance to trap bunnies that are scurrying about the plaza.

You’ll soon see bunnies playing around the biome if you go to the plaza.

Because of how quickly their claws move, you’ll need to grasp all five to do the task.

Catch bunnies and interact with them. You can then proceed to the area where WALL-E is. Now that you have finished this week’s assignment, give him back all the bunnies.

You carry out this duty in this manner. The task is straightforward: capture the bunnies darting about the square and bring them to WALL-E. You can then make a reward claim.

Catch the escaped rabbit

As said above, locate Wall-E and strike up a chat with him to begin this quest. Wall-E will instruct you to go to the plaza and capture all of the runaway bunnies if you choose the rabbits in the run quest. Unfortunately, they don’t stop so you have time to catch them; there are a total of five that need to be caught.

The best technique to catch each one is to observe them run in patterns and wait for them to pass by because they do have a tendency to run in patterns. As soon as they do, engage with them rapidly to keep them calm.

Talk to Wally

Repeat the method until all five escaped bunnies have been captured, then head back to Wall-E. He would thank you if you let him know that you have captured every rabbit that escaped. You will receive x1000 Friendship, x20 Premium Eggfruit, x20 Wild Spring Eggs, and x5 Spring V-EGG-etables for finishing this task.

These are exclusive products for the Disney Dreamlight Valley Spring Eggstravaganza event, which runs through April 29, in addition to Friendship. They can be used to create any special Spring recipes or furniture to aid in completing specific objectives that are only available during the event and conclude on April 29.

As mentioned earlier, this quest is one of the few repeating quests. In a recent update, Disney Dreamlight Valley added a new feature. This is a weekly quest, meaning rewards can be claimed each week to help with other spring quests. Rabbits just need to be recaptured as before.

While you wait for Bunnies on the Run to reset, be sure to check out the Disney Dreamlight Valley daily quest Blooming & Blossoming, which is also done by talking to Wall-E and can be done daily instead of weekly. Players must also purchase a large number of Disney Dreamlight Valley Accounts in the game to help complete the task.