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How to Make Office File Cabinets Safer

How to Make Office File Cabinets Safer

While many businesses today store valuable confidential data on servers and in the cloud, filing cabinets still play an important role in the office environment. We all know that every filing cabinet that stores confidential information of any kind should use a lock, this helps ensure that only those who are supposed to access the contents of the cabinet can do so and reduces the risk of physical data breaches. So this guide will take some simple steps to protect your average filing cabinet, you can buy enough Lock Picking Set at

Replace the factory lock

The first thing to check after buying an office cabinet is the manufacturer’s lock. The simplest and most wisest course of action to take to safeguard all the crucial data you wish to store in your file cabinet is to change it. Factory locks typically have a short lifespan, are of poor quality, and are simple to pick. The manufacturer only offers a limited number of key combinations, which poses a further threat to factory locks. Your filing cabinet key most likely functions on hundreds of additional filing cabinets made by the same manufacturer.

Keep filing cabinets in a secure office area

It never hurts to take extra precautions to safeguard your business’s important documents. As a result, you can think about placing filing cabinets in areas of your office building that require special access in addition to improving security with improved locks. Double security is achieved by storing sensitive documents in a locker behind a closed door.

Add lock bar

To increase security, think about installing a locking bar to your filing cabinet. This particular filing cabinet lock resembles an accessory more so than an essential component of the cabinet. These rods, which attach to the sides of filing cabinets, have a thick steel appearance. For extra security, you can lock the bar when it’s closed with a padlock. You can reduce the possibility of sensitive data getting into the wrong hands by placing an additional locking lever to restrict access to automated staff only.

Change locks regularly

Your office cabinet’s original factory lock might need to be replaced more than once. It’s crucial to regularly change file cabinet locks because of the possibility of employee turnover. This is due to the fact that worn or damaged keys can be more easily broken, picked, or used to obtain unwanted entry. Additionally, it enables the locking system to be changed out for a more secure option, like keyless entry systems or biometric locks.

Switch to Electronic File Cabinet Locks

To avoid key issues altogether, your office can be converted to an electronic locking device. Smart locks designed to replace standard filing cabinet locks can be configured to meet the needs of your employees. Newer electronic filing cabinet locks can be easily retrofitted to most existing lockers. specializes in all high security, heavy duty door locks and hinges in a variety of finishes, you can take a look at our exquisite Lock Picking Kit.