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Destiny 2 Energy Orbs Guide: How To Get And Use An Energy Orb

Destiny 2 Energy Orbs Guide: How To Get And Use An Energy Orb

In Destiny 2, one of the best things you can do is use your super, but it requires energy orbs to recharge. The way you get these orbs has changed over the past few seasons. It’s not hard to generate, but knowing it will help speed up the collection process. So, in this guide, let’s go over how to get and use Power Orbs in Destiny 2. You can purchase D2 Silver to help you gain and use energy orbs.

What is an energy ball?

If you’re new to Destiny 2, energy orbs are small items that drop when certain conditions are met. Previously these were obtained with Masterworked weapons or super kills, and their main function was to provide a decent amount of super power, but some mods utilize orbs in incredible ways. If you’re a veteran, you probably know that the Charged with Light mod grants stacks and buffs based on the number of orbs you pick up.

How to generate energy balls?

The most common way for players to generate energy orbs in Destiny 2 is with their Guardian’s Supers.

1. First, raise your Super Meter to full. The gauge fills up over time, but you can speed it up by killing enemies and picking up energy orbs that other players generate.

2. Once the meter is fully charged, activate your super mode.

3. When activating Super, you will automatically generate energy balls for other players to pick up.

4. To generate extra orbs, get more kills while your Super is active. Enemies killed by super attack drop energy orbs.

Another way to generate energy orbs is to kill enemies with a master weapon. Here’s how:

1. Craft a Master Weapon by upgrading it to Tier 10, or get one through quests and item drops.

2. Equip Masterwork weapons in your inventory.

3. In PvE or PvP, kill with your Masterwork weapon. It generates energy orbs when you perform multiple kills at once. NOTE: Spawning Energy Orbs with Master Weapons is the only way for players to pick up their own crafted Orbs.

Use super powers and master weapons to optimize the number of energy orbs you generate. Use this strategy in each of your Guardian builds and you’ll become one of the strongest players in Destiny 2.

How to use energy balls?

Players who pick up energy orbs simply walk over them to gain a small amount of energy for their super powers. If the Super is fully charged, the energy orb cannot be collected and will remain on the ground.

Certain mods, such as “Full Light”, allow players to pick up energy orbs even if their Super is fully charged to build a stack. While Charged with Light, Charge will provide various benefits depending on other mods the player may have equipped. Protective Light and High-Energy Fire are two of the best of the Destiny 2 PvE Charged With Light mods, showing how important energy orbs are in the game.

There are also mods that can benefit from simply picking up Orbs without Charged With Light. Absolution, Better Already, and Recuperation are some examples of great mods that any PvE player should collect. While Elemental Well mods are all the rage, Charged With Light builds are technically possible as long as players are prepared to invest in Orb creation mods.

Absolution: Picking up an energy ball reduces the cooldown of all abilities.

Restoration: Picking up an energy ball restores a player’s health.

Already better: Picking up an orb of energy immediately starts health regeneration.

Innervation: Picking up an energy ball reduces the cooldown of the player’s grenade ability.

Using energy orbs in Destiny 2 is the key to making you and your fireteam unstoppable. If you need to buy Destiny 2 Silver to help you use energy balls, welcome to for consultation.