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Destiny 2 Elemental Well Mod Guide: How To Get And Use The Elemental Well Mod

Destiny 2 Elemental Well Mod Guide: How To Get And Use The Elemental Well Mod

The Well of Elements is a combat style modding mechanic introduced in Destiny 2’s Season of the Chosen. Similar to the Charged with Light mechanic, players can equip armor mods that alter the benefits these wells provide, including increased intelligence and weapon damage. This guide will explain how to obtain and use the Well of Elements to give you an idea of ​​these mods. You can purchase D2 Silver to help you use the Elemental Well mod.

What is the Well of the Elements?

Wells of Elements are small balls that grant ability energy when they are caught. They behave like energy balls that stay on the ground for a long time before disappearing. When a player spawns a well, it appears in the entire fireteam. Wells are also self-contained, meaning the elemental wells you see on screen are truly yours. Allies get their own body well.

How do You get the Elemental Well mod?

Previously, players could purchase Elemental Well mods from the Splicer Servitor and Wayfinder’s Compass. However, with the release of the Witch Queen expansion, these mods are now only available in Ada. Make sure to check her inventory for any missing Elemental Well mods every day after the reset, as the Elemental Well will likely remain very strong for the next few seasons after the light-filled mod has been nerfed. Players should especially prioritize a Well of Neutral mod that can be applied to any armor, regardless of what element it has.

A Rough Guide to Using the Elemental Well Mod:

  1. Choose how you create Wells of Elements: Creating them should be easy, and preferably tied to their ability to regenerate on demand, so that Wells are created continuously. For example, if a player chooses Elemental Armour and uses their grenades to make water wells, they should pair it with mods and exotic armor to help them regenerate grenade power quickly.
  • Select subclasses: This will determine which elemental wells are primarily available to players when creating wells. For example, if a player chooses the Arc subclass and uses Elemental Ordnance to create Wells, all Wells they create will be Arc Wells.
  • Elemental Well Mod for Selected Subclass: Once the subclass is determined, and the player knows what type of well they will be making, they can apply a specialized Elemental Well mod. For example, if players know they will be crafting the Void Well, they should consider the Well of Utility mod, which allows them to recharge their class abilities faster.

4. Apply other Elemental Well Mods: Players don’t need to stick to just one Element. For example, if they choose to do a void build and make void wells, they can keep one armor as solar armor and apply a solar well mod such as Bountiful Wells (no need to use solar wells), which will allow them to create more void wells.

Because every player’s needs are different, these mods in this guide are flexible and the best way to learn is by trial and error. If you need to buy Destiny 2 Silver to help you use Elemental Well mods, welcome to for consultation.

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