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Call of Duty Mobile Tournament Mode Guide: How to Win Tournament Mode and Five Tips

Call of Duty Mobile Tournament Mode Guide: How to Win Tournament Mode and Five Tips

Due to the overall popularity of the series and the fluidity and fluidity of Call of Duty Mobile gameplay, Call of Duty Mobile is getting regular updates that may include new weapons, maps and game modes. The Call of Duty Mobile Tournament mode is a new addition to the game, involving more tactical and competitive gameplay. Before jumping first into Call of Duty Mobile’s competitive tournament mode, players need to know a few tricks. You can buy Call of Duty Mobile Top Up to unlock more game modes and keep playing in real matches.

How to Win Tournament Mode

Tournament mode can be accessed in the main multiplayer room. It has its own hub with a variety of modes to choose from, viewing rewards called milestones and leaderboards, and seeing your wins and losses in tournament rounds.

Each round consists of four matches. These matches can be played in the following modes:

  • shooter
  • team deathmatch
  • 2v2 team deathmatch
  • 2v2 confirm download
  • against all

Win matches to earn Crowns, an exclusive tournament currency used for rewards. Win three games, and when you win the fourth game, you have a chance to win a double, a dynamic calling card and a special tournament box.

Players can choose to spend a small amount of CoD points in extra matches during the round – this can help players get double crowns, crates, and calling cards in their fourth win.

However, the player’s position on the leaderboard is based solely on the number of wins, rewarding those who consistently win rounds, whether or not additional games have been purchased. You can play as many tournament rounds as you want to get this week’s rewards and a good leaderboard ranking!

Five Tips

1. Know your strengths

If you like Free-For-All or are good at using your entire arsenal in Gunfight for the best chance of winning a match, queue up for these modes. If you have any weaknesses, feel free to practice them in standard open play.

2. Practice squad tactics to get into the game

For tournaments, the most common modes are duos and solo matches. Make decisions to win individual participation instead of relying on teammates to save you.

3. Open fire practice

Consider warming up with a few open races before entering the tournament. A less competitive atmosphere, especially in modes like Team Deathmatch and Free Mode, may make learning spawn and power positions easier.

4. Winning at the end of the day is important

Anything other than winning should be padded. Unless you’re playing Free-For-All, those looking for victory and great teamwork rather than high K/Ds will end up at the top of the tournament leaderboards.

5. Play more and more

The best Call of Duty Mobile teams, like the 2021 Eastern Conference Finals Champion Blacklist International Ultimate Edition, started from scratch. Learn from your mistakes, play regularly, and enter tournament mode with a winning mentality.

Call of Duty Mobile is available for Android and iOS devices. If you want to unlock more game modes in the game, you will need Call of Duty Mobile CP to buy it in the store.