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VALORANT: A New Way To Test A New Smurf Detection System

VALORANT: A New Way To Test A New Smurf Detection System

Valorant’s 5.01 patch notes are pretty typical for Agents, but could be a game-changer for ranked players. Riot Games is testing a new method for detecting Smurfs and promoting them to their place in the party, hoping to stop them from pretending to be newbies when developing low-level players. Meanwhile, if you want to experience more agents in Valorant, you can purchase Valorant Accounts for you to use them in matches.

The patch notes explain that North America will be the testing area for this new Smurf detection system. It’s designed to look at the performance of all new accounts and adjust them to be faster than before. The test begins on July 11, so players in the US can already see the changes.

Hopefully this new system will work. If you’re playing any sub-platinum ranked matches, there’s a high chance that one team or both will play the Smurfs. When you lose a game, you get frustrated, not because you didn’t play well or your team was beaten by a distance, but because one of the opposing players was obviously more trained.

Unfortunately, Valorant’s new Smurf detection system may not take into account purchases of accounts when players reach level 20. Level 20 allows players to play ranked mode. This means that a large number of players are buying accounts in the region.

Agent changes in this patch have been made for Phoenix, Yoru, and KAY/O. Phoenix is currently underpowered and probably the worst agent in the game. So his curveball flash has been buffed, flashing players for longer and using the ability for less time. He will also equip the gun faster after casting the wall, and his ultimate Run it Back will return the shield the player had before the casting after the casting.

Yoru’s dimensional drift time has been increased from 10 seconds to 12 seconds, while the disarm time has been reduced from 1.2 seconds to 0.8 seconds. This is to allow Yoru players to have more fun in their ultimate skills and try to implement those shenanigans they have planned.

In turn, KAY/O is better tuned. His grenade has reduced its range from 10 meters to 8 meters, but it now deals damage to players out of sight. His ultimate NULL/CMD is changing the audio prompt. Instead of the opposing team hearing his full recovery audio, they’ll have a much smaller cue, similar to what players would hear when tapping a spike. The other most notable change is that the Twin Hunters in Spike Rush can now damage destructible walls.

Volorant’s new way of testing the Smurfs detection system is about to be tweaked, and for an early taste of the gameplay, there are cheap Valorant Immortal Accounts for sale on, and you can come in and check out their bargains.

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