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Valorant Weapon Tier List For July 2022

Valorant Weapon Tier List For July 2022

Valorant is a 5v5 first-person shooter that combines a variety of utilities. Weapons are a must for Valorant, and the game has a variety of weapons to choose from. Each weapon is suitable for a different role and range. This guide will give you a list of the best and worst guns to use in Valorant. Players can also purchase Valorant Accounts to acquire weapons during matches.

Class S




Phantom and Vandal are the main guns used throughout the game. Both guns have the same number of points and the same range, and it’s up to the player to choose the gun that suits them best. The operator is also in the top position, as it is great for maintaining an angle and killing enemies with one shot. The Vandal is extremely lethal in both close-range and long-range engagements, making it one of the most versatile guns in its current version. If you’re comfortable hitting the head and can master the jet pattern of this weapon, this should be your first choice in all buying rounds. These factors make the Vandal the No. 1 contender on our Valorant gun rating list. The Phantom may not deal as much damage as the Vandal, but its overall accuracy and high rate of fire can kill even the toughest of enemies. Equipped with a silencer and a 30-round magazine, the Phantom is an absolute laser in short to medium range firefights.

Class A





These guns are in the A tier because they can still do enough damage, but not as powerful as the S tier guns. You usually buy these guns in save rounds. These guns are helpful when you’re trying to catch an opponent with a sneak attack. The Spectre is the best in SMG and one of the best all-around guns in Valorant. If the Vandal and Phantom are out of your price range, buying the Spectre can give you some extra firepower without breaking the bank.

Class B




While some of these guns did enough damage, these guns were rated lower due to the difficulty in controlling the spray. Most of these guns also have a low bullet count, so your shots need to make an impact.

Class C








These weapons are at the lowest level as they are mostly used in close quarters combat. If you are a player who likes to push, run and gun, then these are the weapons for you. These guns also have low ammo counts, so if you’re advancing, you have to get kills instead of feeding them to the enemy team. Bucky has always been the best gun in Valorant. 900 Creds, you take insane damage near and far, comparable to Phantom and Vandal. However, various nerfs do remove its sails.

There you have it, you can choose from the best to worst guns in Valorant for your game. This guide gives you an idea of how to strategically choose your guns when you have to force or save the next round. If you want, you can buy cheap Valorant Immortal Accounts, and you can check out their bargains at