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2022 CoD Mobile Season 7: Release Date, Classic Zombies, Battle Royale Maps, New Weapons and More

2022 CoD Mobile Season 7: Release Date, Classic Zombies, Battle Royale Maps, New Weapons and More

Season 7 of CoD Mobile is coming soon, and players are anticipating what the developers have planned for the next season. Despite the fact that CoD Mobile Season 7 is still some time away, the most recent test server will keep us players anticipating significantly throughout the following couple of weeks. From the potential return of classic zombies to brand new maps and new weapons, we’ll cover them all in this article. Players can purchase the Call of Duty Mobile Top Up to help unlock new maps and weapons in CoD Mobile Season 7, and experience new gear throughout the game.

CoD Mobile Season 7 release date

While the exact date for CoD Mobile Season 7 has yet to be officially announced, we can make a safe guess with the current Season 6 Battle Pass timer. Set to expire on Thursday, August 4, 2022, the next seasonal update will almost certainly be available immediately after that. We’ll keep you updated here once the official date for CoD Mobile Season 7 is confirmed.

CoD Mobile Season 7 Classic Zombies Return

Call of Duty mobile players are desperate for the return of the turn-based classic Zombies mode, and while the developers removed it in March 2020 saying it didn’t meet the level of quality the developers wanted, the mode has now been added to the test servers , which means it’s probably under development. As featured on the latest test server, players can jump back into Shi No Numa and play through the original turn-based experience. However, there is no guarantee that the classic zombies will return in the seventh season update, and the mode may be delayed until after the eighth season.

CoD Mobile Season 7 Battle Royale Map

We also learned about the leaked 7 brand new locations to reach the Battle Royale map and drop locations. The sites will be located on different islands, connected by a bridge.


Black market



Border village



CoD Mobile Season 7 New weapons

The HBRa3 is widely regarded as one of the strongest assault rifles in COD:Mobile. Available only through the in-game store, a free version of the weapon is expected to appear in the game as part of season seven.

In addition to HBRa3, leaks suggest that the M249 SAW will make its debut in the upcoming season of COD:Mobile.

The KRM-262, a pump-action shotgun in Black Ops 3, was spotted in COD Mobile’s game files, but has no official release date.

The short-range machine gun G36 is also on the test server, and will likely be added in Season 7, and players will be asked for feedback.

Other guns such as KN-44 Ashen Viper, MP7, GPAS-12, rumored H28, NA-45 will also be added to the list of weapons.

That said, here’s the latest patch we know about CoD Mobile’s Season 7 update, and there’s a lot to look forward to, from a slew of new tools and abilities to the potential return of Zombies. Players can start by subscribing to our website, as soon as there is any update from CoD Mobile, we will post on this website.

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