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How To Archive Skins And Cosmetics In Fortnite

How To Archive Skins And Cosmetics In Fortnite

After a player has been playing in Fornite for a while, the player’s locker may be full of skins and cosmetics, most of which are unused. So Fornite’s 21.30 update allows players to archive their skins and cosmetics, if you want to learn how to archive skins and cosmetics in Fornite, then you can read this guide, you can also buy Fortnite V-BUCKS to help you faster The Society Archives Skin and Cosmetics.

What do Archived Skins and Cosmetics Mean in Fortnite?

Archiving skins and cosmetic items in Fortnite means removing these from the player’s main locker, hiding any skins and cosmetic items that the player has never used, but can still be used differently from the rest of the skins and cosmetic items if needed. found in the folder. Archiving skins and cosmetics does not mean they are deleted or removed, you still have them and can use them.

How to Archive Skins and Cosmetics in Fortnite?

How to Archive Skins in Fortnite?

1. To archive skins in Fortnite, simply go to your locker, hold the archive button, select any number of skins, and press archive.

2. You have just archived your skin. To go to your archive, press the sort + filter buttons, scroll to the bottom, and press the archive filter option.

3. You can unarchive any skin by following the same archiving process.

4. If you want to unhide the skin, you can go to the Locker tab in Fortnite, click on the “Sort + Filter” tab or press RT/R2 on the console.

5. Scroll down to the archive tab at the bottom, hold down the left stick on console or Z on PC, click on the skin you want to unarchive to bring it back to your locker.

How to Archive Cosmetics in Fortnite?

1. To archive cosmetic items in Fortnite, first, switch to the Locker tab in the Fortnite main menu.

2. From there, select the beauty slot that you only want to partially archive.

3. Hold the indicated button to open the archive menu, either the left stick or Z, and select the object you need to archive.

4. Whenever you are executed, press X or click the “Archive (#) Object” button to overwrite the cosmetic.

5. To unhide cosmetics, you need to enter the archive submenu in the same beauty display.

6. When trying out cosmetics, open the course menu by pressing the best setting or clicking “Type + Filter”.

7. Scroll to the bottom and click the Archive category on the bottom right side of the display.

8. Hold the left stick or Z to open the unarchive menu and select the skin you want to unhide from there.

After reading this article, you should know how to archive and unarchive skins and cosmetics in Fortnite. If you are interested in the latest skins in Fortnite, you can subscribe to our page, we will keep you updated with the latest news such as upcoming Fortnite events .