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How to Make Bricks and Use Stones in Minecraft

How to Make Bricks and Use Stones in Minecraft

Stone tiles in Minecraft are blocks that can be used to decorate buildings. To craft a stone brick slab, you need cobblestone, furnace stone, and stone bricks. Follow the steps below to make stone brick slabs. Players can also buy Minecraft for Windows Game Coins to collect enough materials to make bricks.

How to Make Stone Bricks in Minecraft

1. Start by collecting some pebbles. Please quarry with a pickaxe to collect some pebbles. If you have a Silk Touch Pickaxe, you can skip to the crafting recipe.

2. After collecting enough cobblestone, if there is no furnace, make a furnace first. Craft a furnace by placing 8 cobblestone blocks in the crafting menu, leaving the middle space empty.

3. Once the furnace is made, put it down and put the cobblestone in the topmost slot and the fuel in the bottommost slot. Fuel can be any wooden item, coal/charcoal, or even a bucket of lava. Most plant-based items will work too. Whatever fuel you choose, smelt some of your pebbles into regular stones.

4. Once you have collected enough normal stones, you will need 4 to make this recipe, you can use them to make stone bricks.

5. Every time you complete this recipe, you will get 4 stone bricks. If you wish to make one at a time, you can do it with a stone cutter. The Stonecutter is crafted from Iron Ingots and 3 Normal Stones.

6. In Stonecutter’s UI, you can put a normal stone block into the leftmost slot, and you’ll see some block options on the left.

7. Select the stone bricks, then click the stone bricks that appear to the right of regular stones to make one stone brick at a time. This can save you some extra stones if you need less than a multiple of 4.

How to craft the different types of stone bricks available in Minecraft and their respective crafting recipes:

Basic Stone Bricks: Place 4 stone blocks in a square.

Mossy Stone Brick: Place a stone brick with 1 vine.

Chiseled Stone Bricks: Place 2 stone bricks vertically.

Crushed Stone Brick: Place 1 Stone Brick in the Furnace.

Uses of stone bricks in Minecraft

These cares are mostly used to craft structures, buildings, houses, or whatever creative structures the player wants to make. It is also used to craft various items such as magnets, slates, etc. E.g:

1. Place three stone bricks in a row on your workbench to make six stones. You can also create one at a time with the stone cutter by placing the stones in the stone cutter’s UI.

2. Like other blocks, stairs can be created by arranging the blocks in ascending order, starting from the first row with two on the next row and three on the next row. Six bricks make up four steps.

3. Stone brick walls can also be created by placing two rows of three stones on the table where your craft is.

4. Another way to play with stone bricks is to add vines next to the stone bricks. Using regular vines, you can find stone bricks in the world that work with stone bricks, which create mossy stone bricks that give green to grey blocks.

5. Crushed stone can also be made by placing stone bricks in a furnace. Molten stone bricks can give users cracked stone bricks, which add to the texture of the bricks.

6. You can change the appearance of bricks by making chiseled stone bricks. You need to start crafting chiseled stone bricks from stone bricks on a workbench. After creating two stone brick slabs, you can place them in a 2×1 column on the crafting menu to create chiseled stone blocks.

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