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Best New World Warhammer Builds for PvP and PvE

Best New World Warhammer Builds for PvP and PvE

The Warhammer is a two-handed tank weapon in the New World. It’s great for crowd control, while also dealing devastating damage to all enemies that pass through its path. This heavy weapon is an invaluable asset for tank players and well balanced for PVP and PVE content. We have two different warhammers for players in this guide: one that focuses on healing your teammates in PvP, and one that helps the rest of your expedition by dealing damage to enemies in PvE. Players can buy enough New World Gold to help build the Warhammer, hopefully these builds will work for you.

What is Warhammer

The Warhammer is what you’d expect from a heavy weapon. Slow attacks, massive damage, massive AoE, and overwhelming crowd control. Its main role in the game is that of a tank, capable of high damage and crowd control. Its secondary effect is damage. With plenty of bashing skills and plenty of AoE, Warhammer can fight one or more enemies.

The Best New World Warhammer PvP Builds

Recommended Warhammer Tree Skills:

Armor Breaker: Damage and tear a single target. Rend helps your teammates deal more damage in a short amount of time.

Mighty Gavel: Another good DPS option for Warhammer, especially if your target has low health. The Justice for All passive allows you to repeat the attack if you perform a basic attack during Mighty Gavel.

Shockwave: A good source of AoE damage, and can also weaken any enemy within 7 meters.

Best Living Employee Capabilities:

Holy Land: This is your main method of self-healing and also helps to build up your strength. Others can use the Holy Land Healing Area as needed.

Embrace of Light: Use this on your allies; if they have a buff, it will heal more health. Most builds have passives that provide buffs, so you should heal more effectively.

Beacon: Fires one of these at the target for an area of effect healing. Additionally, the Speed of Light passive grants haste buffs to affected allies, which is a good combination with Embrace of Light.

The Best New World Warhammer PvE Builds

Recommended Warhammer Skills:

Sunder Armor: While this looks like an attack skill, it’s best used as a secondary skill, debuffing bosses with the Persistent Wounds passive, which inflicts a tear state to reduce enemy damage absorption.

Shockwave: This skill is best used after taunting with the Sword skill. It reapplies the taunt state in a 7 meter radius, while also applying stun and nerf.

Path of Destiny: Suitable for provoking the enemy to attack you, and also staggers if you passively Shockwave.

For swords, have the following abilities:

Shield Bash: While it will only hit a few enemies, it can re-apply the taunt state and temporarily stun some of the more troublesome enemies in front of you.

Shield Rush: Knocking down enemies helps, but the main purpose of using this skill is to weaken and stun all enemies hit.

Defiant Stance: This is your primary way of taunting enemies in the room. Use the Restoration passive, which significantly reduces damage taken and heals you for 15% of your maximum health at the end of the 8 second skill duration.

These are the best New World Warhammer builds for PvP and PvE, and if players find our guide helpful, keep subscribing to our blog,, as we keep updating.

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