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Elden Ring: How To Get The Sewer Gaol Key And How To Get To The Sewer Gaol

Elden Ring: How To Get The Sewer Gaol Key And How To Get To The Sewer Gaol

There is a questline in the Elden Ring that requires players to enter Leyndell’s sewers. The Sewer Penitentiary is an underground location located deep within the royal capital of Ryndell. This quest is handed to the player when the player receives the Sewer gaol Key. So this guide will show players how to get the Sewer gaol key and how to get to the Sewer gaol. Players can prepare plenty of Cheap Elden Ring Runes in case they need it in the game.

How to get the sewer gaol key

1. You can get the key to the sewer gaol from Dung Eater at the Roundhold Table, but he won’t give it to you until you give him a seedbed curse.

2. In order to obtain the curse of the seedbed, you can go to the royal capital Rindel. Enter the city from the entrance first discovered after defeating the Nagarjuna Sentinel. Go to the first elevator and go downstairs.

3. When you get out of the elevator, there is a hall in front, and there is a ladder on the right side of the hall. Go up, go up again, and you’ll find a corpse with a seedbed curse on it.

4. Go back and give it to the dung eater to get the sewer gaol key.

How to get to the sewer gaol at Elden Ring

1. The Sewer gaol is an important location in the Coproeater questline. This is a room only accessible by the Sewer gaol Key. The Sewer gaol Key is given to you by the Soulform of the Coproeater in the Roundtable.

2. After showing him the seedbed curse, he will give you the sewer gaol key.

3. Now you can go to the sewer gaol in Elden Ring by the following ways. In the royal capital of Randall, head to the city centre to find the ruins of the Grace Avenue Balcony.

4. From there, head to the bottom of the stairs near Grace. At the bottom of the stairs, go out the gate and turn left. From there, jump over the railing and reach the lower level.

5. Once at the surface, head northwest until you find a well on the right. Enter the well and follow the path.

6. On the way, you will have to descend again. There will be a ladder to indicate the descent. Follow this path until you find another drop with a ladder.

7. Jump off the Drop and head northeast. On this path, there will be a hole in the ground. Jump in. After jumping in, head northwest.

8. You will find some plants that spray poison. Pass them and climb the ladder. From there, go right and you’ll find a door, which is the sewer gaol at Elden Ring. Use the Sewer gaol Key to open it.

Where to use the sewer gaol key in Elden Ring

You should now follow a complicated and tricky path in Leyndell to find the city’s sewers. Then you can find the door using the sewer gaol key.

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