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How to Get to Silvermoon City in WoW Classic TBC – Four Routes to Silvermoon City

How to Get to Silvermoon City in WoW Classic TBC – Four Routes to Silvermoon City

Two new significant urban areas have been presented in World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade, along with two new races: the Exodar of the Draenei and Silvermoon of the blood elves. Players have to venture to Silvermoon City to find a trainer in World of Warcraft, so this article aims to help players find out how to get to Silvermoon City, players can prepare enough TBC Classic Gold in the game for their needs, Below is our specific guide on how to get to Silvermoon City in World of Warcraft.

For players who want to travel to Silvermoon City on their own, here are four ways to get there.

Shattrath City Entrance

There is a portal from Shattrath City to Silvermoon City, this portal hub is very convenient and a good motivation for Outland players to travel to Shattrath and learn the flight point. Players below level 58 can also use the Shattrath City Portal, but the only way they can get to Shattrath is through the Mage Portal to Shattrath. Mage learns Portal: Shattrath at level 65, so if you have a mage friend or are willing to tip the port, even lower level players can bind in Shattrath for easy access to the four major tribal cities .

Mage Portal

The easiest and fastest way to reach Silvermoon City is to find a mage and ask them for a portal to Silvermoon City. Mage can learn Portal: Silvermoon City at level 40. Another question is how many wizards over the age of 40 will use this portal spell early on because they need to travel to Silvermoon to learn it in person. Still, finding one of the 40+ mages with a portal to Silvermoon will get you there when you need it. But need money.

Teleport Orb

There are two teleportation orbs connecting Silvermoon City and Undercity. Horde players can use them to travel between the two cities. Alliance players cannot interact with either orb. The first teleportation orb is located in the ruins of Lordaeron, just outside the entrance to the Undercity. When you enter the outer courtyard from Tirisfal Glades, you’ll see the entrance to the sphere room on your right. There is a short flight of stairs leading to it. Go to the entrance and you will see the Translocation Orb. Click on it to go to Silvermoon City to interact with it and you will be teleported to Silvermoon City immediately without any additional effort.

Eastern Plaguelands

There is also a walking route that will take you from the Eastern Plaguelands into the southern part of the Ghostlands. A portal separates the two areas, but there are no guards and no specific requirements to successfully pass through the portal. Both the Horde and the Alliance can use this method to reach blood elf territory. For that, you’ll have to take the route between Stratholme and Zul’Masha. This route will take you through a 54-59 area and is not recommended if you are a beginner or low level player. This also makes the route through the Undercity more desirable. Horde and Alliance players can choose a route through Ghostlands, which makes it even more desirable.

These are the four routes we offer to get to Silvermoon City, once you get there, you can enjoy the beautiful time to the fullest. Players can subscribe to our blog,, where news and guides about World of Warcraft will be updated from time to time.

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