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Best Builds for Pyke in League of Legends Wild Rift

Best Builds for Pyke in League of Legends Wild Rift

Pyke in League of Legends is an assassin support hero. His organizational potential and roaming ability are second to none in the game. He can roam very easily and dodge vision with Ghostwater Dive’s stealth, and can also lock onto enemies with his Bone Skewer and stun with the Phantom Undertow combo, one of the best roaming assists in the game. To take advantage of Pyke in the game, you can plan sufficient League of Legends RP to purchase gear.

Parker’s Best Builds

Youmuu’s Ghostblade:

This item grants Pyke 50 Attack and 15 Skill Haste. It also gives him a fixed armor penetration of 15, which is great for getting around weak enemies with low armor ADC (attack damage carry)/APC (mana carry) early in the game. On top of that, it also grants him 40 movement speed, helping him roam the map.

Duskblade of Draktharr:

This item blends well with Pyke as it deals 20-125 Physical damage and slows enemies after being invisible for a second. Trigger Duskblade when enemies are invisible for at least 1 second. This means that if Pyke attacks an enemy who doesn’t have any vision, he will deal extra damage to them. It gives Pyke 55 attack damage and 10 skill haste, as well as 15 fixed armor penetration.

Lucidity Boots (Protobelt Enchant):

Lucidity Boots provide additional skill haste and reduce Pyke’s skill cooldown. Protobelt Enchant, on the other hand, is mainly used to surprise enemies before casting a hook or between several abilities. Protobelt Enchant has optimized the scope of the Phantom Undertow for Pyke, which can be used in different ways depending on the situation at hand.

Edge Of Night:

Edge Of Night provides attack damage and health, and the item’s most useful feature is its spell shield. This shield cancels out the next enemy ability used on Pyke and regenerates after leaving combat. Pyke and other assassins are weak, so they need items like the Nightblade. On the other hand, the health provided will be converted to attack damage.

Umbral Glaive:

This item is very useful for roaming assassins like Pyke. Whenever Pyke passes an enemy ward while this item is equipped and not on cooldown, it will spot the ward and disable it, along with all other traps within its radius. When you attack these traps/guards, they are destroyed in one basic attack instead of the usual three. It gives Pyke 50 attack damage, 10 skill haste, and 12 fixed armor penetration.

Guardian Angel:

GA gives Pyke 40 armor and 40 attack damage. The most important part is its resurrection effect, Pyke will be resurrected once after he dies. It has a cooldown of 210 seconds. In addition to that, it also provides armor and attack damage.

The build portrayed above provides Pyke with a lot of assault harm, lethality, and speed increase, which is exactly the ultimate skill he needs to quickly kill enemies or set kills for his allies. Players who feel that this best build can help you make better use of Pyke in League of Legends, you may wish to continue to follow our blog for more League of Legends guides.

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