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Bless Unleashed Guide: How To Level Up Fast

Bless Unleashed Guide: How To Level Up Fast

Bless Unleashed is a free-to-play MMORPG where players can not only take risks to improve their skills, but also explore a vast world with other players. However, this game is quite difficult to level up after level 30, so this guide aims to teach you how to level up quickly in Bless Unleashed, you can also buy cheap Bless Unleashed currency to experience playing the game with monsters and boss in the game fun of.

Complete the main quest

Compared to many other MMOs. Bless Unleashed’s mission types are more diverse, but the game is centered on campaign missions that advance the storyline. Campaign missions can provide players with a lot of experience points and unlock new map areas, providing players with new boss fights and new creatures to gain experience points. Plot characters similar to the campaign missions fill in the gaps in the main story, and you can also gain a lot of experience points for completing secondary missions.

Avoid side quests

Side quests only reward a small amount of experience points. If the player just wants to change the main quest, for players who want to complete the level as quickly as possible, side quests are not suitable for such players and should not be the main goal. However, if the player just wants to gain skill experience points, in this case, they can complete the side quests.

Complete regional missions and crusades

Regional characters vary from region to region and are only available for a limited time. These quests make one of the best ways to gain experience points, they have a time limit, and if you delay, the player will lose the chance to complete these quests to earn rewards. So, as soon as regional characters are available, please seize the opportunity in time. Crusades in Bless Unleashed are similar to regional missions and only appear for a limited time. Unlike regional missions, though, Crusades have a fixed cooldown, usually 8 hours, and while they appear more frequently, it’s best for players to complete them as soon as possible to avoid missing any experience points.

Alone against the enemy

As an MMORPG, Bless Unleashed can be played with friends. However, if there are players who want to level up quickly, cooperating with others is not the best choice, because cooperating with others, the experience points gained from kills will be evenly distributed among the participants, and the experience points obtained will be less. So an effective way to get a quick upgrade is to act alone, and by defeating monsters alone, you can maximize your rewards.

Fight with enemies of similar level

When there are many enemies around the player, you can fight them one by one and kill them. If you want to gain more experience points, make sure to fight enemies of the same level as your character, because the best experience comes from them. You won’t gain much experience against enemies of a higher or lower level than you.

Defeat the field boss

Field bosses are powerful enemies that spawn everywhere, and these bosses are a great source of experience and loot. Everyone’s combat mechanics are different and you can take the time to learn. Additionally, each field boss has a quick time event associated with it, which is part of the boss fight, and completing these QTEs is important to defeat field bosses.

The above is the guide provided by on how to quickly level up in Bless Unleashed. If you have better skills, you can discuss with us in the comment area. We will also continue to update the latest news and game guides about Bless Unleashed.