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The Elder Scrolls Online High Isle: How To Find And Complete Each Vents On High Isle

The Elder Scrolls Online High Isle: How To Find And Complete Each Vents On High Isle

The new Elder Scrolls Online chapter High Island takes players to a brand new location west of the mainland of Tamriel. In addition to new trials, new explorations, gear, and other standard fare for the new Elder Scrolls Online chapters, there’s also a new world event: Volcanic ventss. All players can participate in vents events to earn gold, experience, and even premium gear. In this guide, we’ll show you how to find and complete each of Takashima’s ventss. Players can prepare enough Elder Scrolls Online Gold to quickly complete the vents in the game.

What is a Volcanic Vents

The vents is a new world event introduced in The Elder Scrolls: High Island. These pit you against a variety of enemies before finally taking on a deadly boss. Complete the challenge and you’ll get a Volcano Chest full of loot. ventss have only recently begun to appear on High Island, as the Ascension Order and their collaborating sea elves and druids have wreaked havoc on the island using powerful storm magic. Stonelore Druids require players to research these places so they can better understand how to seal them.

Where to Find Volcanic Vents

There are seven ventss scattered across High Island and Amenos, which will only remain on the map when players find them near their location. The compass and map icons for Volcanic Vents are visually similar to the Dolmens icons for vanilla ESO regions. It should pop up on the compass as you get closer, indicating the direction of your head.

Volcanic Vent 1: Southwest of Gunfalong Bay on the southern coast of High Island.

Volcanic Vent 2 : Northeast of the Castle Navire Wayshrine in the southwest region of the island, near the Firepot.

Volcanic Vent 3: Northwest of Garick’s Rest Wayshrine and Northeast of Garick’s Rest.

Volcanic Vent 4: On the east side of the islet, northwest of Tor Draiocht.

Volcanic Vent 5: In Amenos, just south of Serpents Hollow Wayshrine.

Volcanic Vent 6: In Amenos, southeast of the Flooded Coast Wayshrine, next to the Green Serpent Getaway.

Volcanic Vent 7: In Amenos, near the southeast corner of the island, just southwest of the Ghost Haven Bay public dungeon.

How to Complete the Volcanic Vents

1. When you encounter the vents, you will find tons of fire-based enemies waiting for you. Enemies include Flame Atronachs and Imps, among others, as well as other demonic entities that can use fire magic.

2. After defeating many such enemies, you will encounter more powerful bosses, such as the flame behemoth with over 2 million health.

3. It is recommended to increase the fire resistance before attempting to challenge the vents, especially if you are doing it alone.

4. Due to its huge health pool and powerful attack power, it is difficult to defeat the vents Boss as a single player, but it is possible by setting up powerful suits and the construction of self-healing abilities.

5. Defeat the last boss and you will get a supply of loot from a nearby volcanic treasure chest. These offer a variety of goodies, including Tales of Tribute deck shards, gear, advanced crafting components, and more.

This is the guide on how to find and complete the vents in Elder Scrolls Online High Isle. If you have any good suggestions, you can also let us know in the comments below. We will also update the game guide on with new news about the game. .