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How To Get Free WotLK Classic Gold

How To Get Free WotLK Classic Gold

Using any new character in WotLK Classic will cost you a significant amount of WotLK Classic Gold, including in-game mounts, pets, illusion sets and more. You can earn gold by selling items to other players in the Auction House for gold or by completing quests. So this guide aims to show players some guidelines on how to get WotLK Classic Gold for free.

To focus on making gold quickly, choose your profession wisely first

First you must decide what type of profession you want to pursue, know which professions you will be using on your main character, which sub professions you need to use on your alt character, and make sure you are prepared for the profession. At the preparation level, expertise is just as important as character level, and our advice is to use two crafting professions on your main profession, as such will usually have fairly high bonuses, and for most professions the strongest professions in terms of PVE will probably be jewellery crafting and engineering. It is also a good idea to stock up on some ancient profession herbs so that you can improve your inscription skills when needed.

Completing daily quests

Completing quests is one of the best ways to upgrade and you will not only get gold but also other items you need. You can go through the grind with several characters and earn more gold through repeatable orders, these are all ready to go and no one forces you to complete them, but if you can complete five or six quests a day you will earn a fair amount of gold, the times are all flexible and adjustable. There are also many different daily metropolitan areas to choose from, such as the island of Quel’danas, the Ogrila in the Blade Mountains or the Skyguard of Shathar in the Tyroka Forest.

Find out how to use the Auction House

The Auction House can earn you a lot of gold, whether you’re trading epic weapons, potions and more. Learning its uses can be tricky, but it will certainly come in handy in the process. You can learn the rules of the auction house and sell some items you don’t need to other players for gold through the auction house.

Choosing the best locations to grow gold

We bring you four of the best recommended locations for growing.

Chunky Mammoth Farming in Sholazar Basin

The creatures you’ll be farming are Crushed Tusk Bulls, Crushed Tusk Calves and Crushed Tusk Mammoths. They drop special mammoth meat for use in some high-end cooking recipes and sell for 1-3 grams per piece. Around this area there are also several nodes of evil iron of Saron for miners, gas clouds for engineers and herbs for herbalists. These minis are only level 76-77, so can be quickly brushed at level 80. All in all, a very good WotLK gold planting spot.

Rhino meat farming in the North Wind Tundra

Another meat farming spot is the Rhino Meat Farm, where you will be farming Woolly Rhino bulls, Woolly Rhino calves and Woolly Rhino females. You’ll find them in groups of 5-6, great for AOE farming, and they’re only level 65-69, so anyone level 80 can have a go here. You can comfortably farm 400 rhino meat per hour here, plus some vendor trash and frozen meat. Rhino meat can effectively be sold in piles of 5.

Growing eternal things at Wintergrasp

Another way to earn a quick buck is to go to our favourite PvP area; Wintergrasp. There are several ways to earn money here too. One of them is by farming crystalline beings from mature and living Lashers. These mobs can be traded for herbology for some extra herbs and life.

Mining Fel Iron Ore in the Inferno Peninsula

Although iron ore is part of the TBC, the Hellfire Peninsula is still a noteworthy area for those looking to make a quick buck in gold. Ore is selling very well as people are still learning the skills of engineering, blacksmithing and jewellery making, which has led to a high demand for ore. Make sure you have an epic flyer as this will work well.

These are just some of the guides we have listed to get WotLK Classic Gold for free. If you have other recommended ways to get WotLK Classic Gold, feel free to follow our blog and discuss with us below our article.