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Elden Ring: How to Get the Curse of Death and its Uses

Elden Ring: How to Get the Curse of Death and its Uses

In Elden Ring, players need to complete different items to unlock in-game areas and quests, and the Curse of Death is a key item found in Elden Ring. Aside from items that provide upgrades or runes, the Death Curse Token is one of the items that unlocks the main boss and ending, though finding the Death Curse is a bit more complicated. Therefore, this guide will tell players how to get the death curse in Elden Ring and analyze the use of the death curse. If players want to get the death curse as soon as possible and put it to use, they can buy enough Cheap Elden Ring Runes in advance.

How to Get the Curse of Death in Elden Ring

Above the Lunian Tower

The Mark of the Death Curse is located on the Lunian Tower.

Follow the white circle on the map image above to see the exact location of this key item.

You can see the top of the Liurnia Tower on the east side of the Liurnia artist’s hut in the Lake District, with a dead body found on top of the Death Curse Mark.

However, the tower requires an item to reach the top. Players will need the Carian Inverted Statue, which can only be obtained through Ranni’s questline.

Requires Carrian Upside Down Statue

To unlock the Leonian Tower, players will need the Carrian Inverted Statue.

This item can be obtained after offering Lanny the Cleaver as part of the questline.

Fingerslayer Blade is located in Nokron, so defeating General Radahn is a prerequisite for this mission as it will unlock the underground area.

After you have the Carrian Upside Down Statue, go to Carrian’s study and enter the Lunian Tower.

You need to complete the witch’s quest line Lanny.

Enter the Tower of Nia and take the elevator up.

Rest at Grace’s location to save your spot when you leave the room.

Go right and climb the stairs to the arena at the top.

You’ll find the Mark of Death’s Curse and the Stargazer’s Heirloom in the middle of the Colosseum.

What is the Use of the Death Curse in Elden Ring

The Death Curse Token is the most important key item to complete the Fia questline, and it will help you obtain the Radiant Baldachin’s blessing, which will help you buff your Physical Damage Negation.

In order to find Fia, you must go to Nokron’s Death Prince’s throne site Grace. This item also helps unlock the Twilight Sons ending.

Talk to Fia and select the “No, I want to be imprisoned” dialogue option to start a dialogue about the Holy Card.

Show the Curse of Death to the NPC during the dialogue to receive the Blessing of the Radiant Baldachine.

After interacting with Fia, you will have to rest at the nearby Land of Grace to reset the area in order to progress through the questline.

Return to the NPC, enter the Dying Dream, and face the Lichdragon Fortissax.

There, the final boss of Fia’s questline, Lichdragon Fortissax, will need to be defeated. Once it’s defeated, the player can pick up the Death Repair Rune from Fia. This item can be used at the end of the game to get the Twilight ending.

The above is how to get the death curse and its uses in Elden Ring. If players are interested in Elden Ring, they can follow our blog For more game details and strategies, we will update them here. to read.