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Myth of Empires: A Beginners Guide

Myth of Empires: A Beginners Guide

Myth of Empires is an immersive online sandbox game with huge appeal for both PvP and PvE players. This game is set in the ancient times of the Eastern Continent. Players can explore the vast map in the game, recruit NPCs to craft, fight or collect resources for you, and you can also raid other people’s bases in the game. This guide is designed to tell players some entry-level strategies you need to know before playing this game, you can also buy cheap Myth of Empires Copper Coins in the game to set you up for challenging games.

Familiarize yourself with basic resources

The first step in getting acquainted with the game is to get acquainted with the basic resources in the game, which are the basis for equipment and useful items necessary to build a base, such as grass, branches, rubble, clay, and copper ore. In order to effectively collect these materials in the game, players can equip some tools such as stone axes, stone hammers and stone hunting knives to assist in obtaining animal skins, raw meat and bones. However, for materials such as grass, branches and gravel, just pick it up on the ground. If you want to upgrade the corresponding skills, you can also use a knife to mine wood or mine ore. Among them, clay mines can be collected directly by the river. Copper mines are generally located in the bases of hostile NPCs, and copper mines generally require the help of other players.

Quick upgrade

Upgrading characters and skills is also the most important item for players. Players can quickly upgrade by collecting materials or making equipment. But you’ll need to invest multiple blessings through border markers to speed up the process, which are built using guild workshops for copper coins and can increase your XP gain by over 10%. Players can also increase their proficiency and gathering rate by the same amount, and the higher the character level, the more items, equipment, and workstations can be crafted. Players can also put their points into focus to gain extra experience, and get more special rewards by improving skills and efficiency.

Determine the ideal area for the main base

Players must consider the location of copper and iron ore when choosing the best location to create a base, as they are the main components of must-have items in the game and are also difficult to obtain resources in the game. And there is a lot of copper and iron ore on the west side of the alluvial plain 02 between the river and the snow-capped mountains, as well as the vast flat land that can be the best location for your base.

Learn to live longer

In addition to maximizing player skills to unlock various rewards, players can also stock up on special foods and medicines in the wild. In games, improving your character’s satiety and stamina is important, but monitoring your character’s toxicity and weather protection scales shouldn’t be overlooked either. It should also be noted that some foods are easily eroded and toxic before cooking, which can cause damage to the body. To deal with this damage, you need to eat rice, cooked meat and locusts and noodles to conserve your health, stamina and carrying capacity. Finally, you need to consider weather conditions and unexpected accidents, so be sure to bring liquor, porridge, medicine and bandages to help resist bad weather and restore health.

Equip the best weapons and armor

In battle, players need to equip the best weapons and armor to defeat their opponents. To effectively improve your skill level, you can simply use the most basic level of weapons. For example, equipping a rough wooden bow and then repeatedly hunting animals can significantly increase the bow’s damage. The same goes for light and heavy armor.

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