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Fortnite Phantasm Upgrade Pack: Price, Quests And Rewards

Fortnite Phantasm Upgrade Pack: Price, Quests And Rewards

The latest Phantom upgrade quest pack is now available in Fortnite’s item store, this upgrade quest pack provides players with a special set of quests that allow players to earn some exclusive rewards during the game, and completing these upgrade quests can also help Players level up and complete the battle pass. So this article will introduce the details of the Phantom upgrade package in Fortnite and how to get it for players here, you only need to prepare enough Fortnite V-Bucks.

Fortnite Phantom Upgrade Quest Pack: Price

The Phantom Upgrade Mission Pack in Fortnite is available in the Fortnite Item Shop for 1200 V-Bucks, which is around £10 or $12. While it might be a bit pricey for players, thinking about it another way, players can get a full set of cosmetic items and also earn some V-Bucks in them through quest levels.

Fortnite Phantom Upgrade Quest Pack: Quests

When you purchase an upgrade mission pack, you’ll instantly unlock the new outfit. The Phantom Upgrade Mission Pack includes seven new upgrade missions released weekly for four consecutive weeks, for a total of 28 missions.

Upgrade missions are available from the release of the bundle until the end of the current season. The number of missions available at the time of purchase depends on how many weeks you purchased the pack, but no matter when you bought it, by week four you’ll have all 28 missions. Just like the weekly quests, if you buy an upgrade quest pack at any time, all available quests can be completed prior to the purchase, so you still get the full value of the upgrade quest pack.

However, since the upgrade task package is limited to one season, all tasks will expire at the end of the current season, which means that the upgrade tasks in the Phantom upgrade task package will expire at the end of the third chapter of the third season on September 17, 2022. . If you decide to purchase this upgrade mission pack, we recommend that you go all out in the game.

Phantom’s Upgrade Quest Pack: All Rewards Details

Shoot each upgrade mission to collect a hidden upgrade token on the island, complete all missions for a week and you’ll unlock a cosmetic reward, for a total of four cosmetic rewards. Each week, players have the opportunity to earn the following items:

Week 1 Missions (Live Now): Beyond Portal Back Bling and Spectral Vision Wrap

Week 2 Mission (starts Aug. 25 at 9AM ET): All-Seeing Scythe Pickaxe

Week 3 Missions (starts September 1 at 9AM ET): Ruby Revenant Style of The Beyond Portal Back Bling and The All-Seeing Scythe Pickaxe

Week 4 quest (begins September 8 at 9AM ET): Helmet Alternative Styles for Phantasm Outfits

Completing each individual level-up mission also rewards players with a level boost, meaning players can earn a total of 28 levels and can level up up to 28 times in the Battle Pass using the level-up mission pack.

Epic Games often releases a series of missions and challenges mid-season. The purpose of these challenges is to engage players and provide them with something new. If you know more about Fortnite’s season missions, please subscribe to our blog for more useful information.