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Final Fantasy XIV: How to Dive Underwater

Final Fantasy XIV: How to Dive Underwater

When players first experience Final Fantasy, they don’t have the ability to dive and swim underwater. As part of Stormblood, Final Fantasy developers have added a whole new way to travel through all-new areas of FFXIV. Players need to unlock in-game skills if they want to dive and swim in FFXIV. It may be a little difficult for players to dive on the first diving adventure, so this guide will introduce players how to unlock diving and swimming in FFXIV, players can also prepare enough FFXIV Gil in the game to better unlock their skills.

How to Unlock Dive

While swimming already existed in areas like the Costa del Sol in Eastern La Nosia in Final Fantasy XIV, the Stormblood expansion pack allows players to dive underwater and explore new depths of the ocean floor. Note, however, that players can only dive and swim in Stormblood and Shadowbringers. Trial players only have access to the first two chapters of the game, which means they need to own Stormblood to explore its underwater areas.

To unlock diving and swimming in Final Fantasy XIV, players need to reach the level 63 quest “In Soroban We Trust”, which is located in the town of Tamamizu under the sea.

During a level 62 MSQ called “Under the Sea,” you’ll travel there through underwater caves.

In Soroban We Trust is the name of the quest that rewards your diving ability, and it’s a level 63 story quest located in Yushui, the Ruby Sea region. It’s an easy task, just talk to Aliisaie, then talk to Lyse.

In addition to being able to dive, you’ll also get the Water Flip emote, which can only be used underwater.

You’ll also receive optional rewards of your choice: options include level 62 weapons for gunners and dancers, as well as some Savage Might materials.

How to dive and swim in Final Fantasy XIV

When the diving ability is unlocked, players can dive to different depths or return to the surface according to their preference, either way, the button you need to press depends on the console you’re playing on. In order to dive, the player needs to be in deep enough water to be useful, such as the oceans of the Ruby Sea or the huge lakes of the Achim Steppes. Players can’t dive in people and areas released before Stormblood, and when swimming, players simply press the button set to descend, as if sitting on a flying mount.

The default drop button is as follows:


PlayStation: Round Button

Xbox: B button

Players can actually summon mounts that can fly and dive by flying into the water, and using flying mounts underwater can make them swim much faster than the default. And your mount doesn’t have a spirometer and can breathe directly underwater, so don’t worry about that. Once you start diving, you can access multiple side quests in the game, and also have the freedom to explore every corner of the ocean’s depths.

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