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FFXIV: How to Make a Rinascita Equipment

FFXIV: How to Make a Rinascita Equipment

The Rinascita is the new most powerful player-made Equipment in Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.2, and its strength is on par with the current raid series’ bonus items. Rinascita has excellent stats, is a great set of items to sell, and it also makes a lot of money. So this guide will introduce players how to make Rinascita equipment in FFXIV, and players can also prepare rich FFXIV Gil for making Rinascita equipment.

What is a Rinascita Equipment

The Rinascita Gear is part of the Rinascita Gear introduced in Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.2, and more specifically, the Fending Set for Paladin, Warrior, Dark Knight, and Gunbreaker jobs. All are item level 610 equipment.

The full set is as follows:

Rinascita Helmet

Rinascita’s Breastplate

Rinascita Bracers of Fending

Rinascita Poleyns of Fending

Boots of Resistance

Completing the set also requires additional weapons, which are also crafted by the disciples of the hand. The supporting weapons of this equipment group include:

Sword Rebirth

Kite Shield Reborn

Labree Reborn

Reborn Greatsword

Rebirth of the Manatrigger

How to Make a Rinascita Equipment in FFXIV

To craft Rinascita weapons and armor, players need to reach level 90 in the crafting course and need to purchase the new Master Recipe X book and Final Fantasy XIV White Crafter Scrips. These items are sold from Scrip Exchange stations across Eorzea. Each book requires 1,200 notes, for a total of 9,600 notes to have them. And those looking for specific equipment and material types can choose to prioritize recipes from different crafting categories:

Carpenter: Octopus, Dragoon Spear, Bard Bow, White Magic Cane, Bracelet, Ring

Blacksmith: Titanium Bar, Paladin Sword, Warrior Axe, Dark Knight Greatsword, Gunbreaker Blade, Reaper Scythe, Monk Knuckle, Katana, Ninja Dagger, Mechanic Gun, Dancer’s Ring

Armorer: Titanium Bar, Paladin Shield, Helm of Defense/Crippling, Gauntlets of Defense/Crippling, Boots of Defense/Crippling/Spotting/Aiming

Goldsmiths: Rutile, Black Mage Staff, Red Mage Rapier, Astrological Plains Ball, Sage Pendulum; Strike/Spot/Aim/Forge/Healing Helm, Necklace

Leatherworker: Titanoba Leather, Strike/Heal/Spellcaster Boots, Aim/Strike/Spot/Heal/Spellcaster Gloves, Earrings

Weaver: Arbutus, Strike/Aim/Spot/Heal/Forge Armor, Pants

Alchemist: Alkahest Level 7, Tin Level 7, Summoner and Scholar Codex

When having the appropriate recipe above, players need to reach the minimum stats of 3700 crafting and 3280 control, which can be achieved by mixing the Final Fantasy XIV Pactmaker gear (crafted using the Master Recipe IX book) and the Perfectionist gear purchased using Purple Crafter’s Scrips accomplish. Both are level 590 items, but to satisfy Final Fantasy XIV’s over-fusion, a maximum of five materials are allowed instead of two.

In addition, for Rinascita to avoid failure when finished and to become stronger, you need to use high-quality ingredients. Players can collect raw materials by bringing Final Fantasy XIV Gathers to the field, which saves a lot of extra Gil.

The above is a specific guide on how to make Rinascita equipment in FFXIV. If you think this article is very useful for you to make Rinascita equipment, please subscribe to our blog for more FFXIV game guides.