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WoW WotLK Classic Guide: How to Make a Death Knight

WoW WotLK Classic Guide: How to Make a Death Knight

Wrath of the Lich King introduces World of Warcraft’s first hero class: Death Knight, available in the Wrath of the Lich King Classic pre-patch. Death Knights level up very quickly, offering many tools, high damage, and the most powerful sustainability of any class. This guide will provide a classic guide on how to make a death knight here, and players can also prepare enough WotLK Classic Gold for making a death knight.

What is a Death Knight

Death Knights are the first hero class in World of Warcraft, they are ancient heroes and citizens of Azeroth, resurrected by the Lich King Arthas Menethil, so they are responsible for serving the Lich King, know the Eastern Plague The events of the land take place. Since death knights are a hero class, that means they start at a higher level, level 55 in this case. Able to tank or DPS in any of their 3 talent trees, they are a popular and very powerful class in WotLK Classic.

There are three main play styles or death knight feats, and all three of their talent trees are great for leveling and have their own pros and cons.

Blood death knights are very self-sustaining and generally have a hard time getting below the level of health they entered into combat, this is better for tanks as they tend to kill the slowest of the three talent trees as they level up ‘s enemy.

Evil Death Knights usually have high damage and focus on debuffs, it’s worth noting that they don’t focus on sustained damage when leveling up, but only low burst damage.

Frost Death Knights, on the other hand, prioritize bursts, dealing massive damage in the front, but the downside is the lack of evil sustained damage and blood survivability.

However, it is not wrong for players to choose which one, because each player has a different favorite game style, and choosing the right game style can better develop their own strengths in the game.

How to make WotLK Death Knight?

With the arrival of the pre-patch for Wrath of the Lich King Classic, players can create and upgrade death knight characters. But creating a death knight has some requirements:

1. Each server can only have one death knight, Ixnay has Horde and Alliance death knights on the same server.

2. Players cannot create death knights in any fresh start realm until they are open for 90 days or the player has a level 55 character in the realm.

3. Players can create their first death knight without reaching level 55 characters on the same server, but any additional death knight characters created by the player need to be level 55 on the same server where the player wants to create the death knight.

4. The first death knight a player creates in any realm is unlimited, except for new realms that will be opened in the pre-expansion patch.

5. If a player creates an unrestricted death knight in the wrong realm, it must first be deleted before a new unrestricted death knight can be created in the correct realm.

The above is the specific guide for making a death knight in WoW WotLK. If players want to make their own death knight after the WoW WotLK pre-patch arrives, they can use the ready WotLK Gold to create a death knight. sells cheap and reliable WotLK Gold that can help you craft death knights.

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