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Guide to the God Scroll for Ammit AR2 in Destiny 2

Guide to the God Scroll for Ammit AR2 in Destiny 2

Available to every Guardian as a World Loot Pool drop, the Ammit AR2 is a new solar-powered automatic rifle added to Destiny 2 during the Season of Pillage. Ammit AR2 is a good main weapon as part of the Foundry Shaping questline, they can all be obtained from the Enclave, but it takes time to craft, so this guide will tell players details such as Ammit AR2’s god scroll guide in Destiny 2 , players can prepare enough Destiny 2 Silver for making Ammit AR2 in the game.

Introducing Ammit AR2

The Ammit is the first automatic rifle in the game to have the incandescent perk, which is important for solar build usage, and the Ammit AR2 has the highest range and incandescent perk compared to Calus’s Mini Tool and Drang. And when paired with the Anti-Barrier Auto Rifle mod from the Season of Pillage Artifact, the Ammit AR2 is a great gun for PvP and PvE.

Here are the stats for the Ammit AR2:

Impact: 29

Range: 61

Stability: 45

Handling: 46

Reload Speed: 38

Rounds Per Minute: 450

Magazine: 32

Ammit-AR2 God Scroll Guide

Ammit-AR2 is available from HELM’s Star Chart this season. Players need 1 Umbral Engram and 10 Legendary Shards to have a chance to focus on five different Omolon weapons. It can also be crafted by unlocking three Deep Vision versions.

PVE God Scroll

In addition to being a solar weapon, this automatic rifle works well to its advantage, making it an add-on scavenging machine. The best perk combinations for Ammit AR2 in Destiny 2 PvE are as follows:

Corkscrew rifling increases handling, stability and range

Flared Magwell for reload speed and stability

Ambitious assassin, magazine overflow based on the number of kills done beforehand

Incandescent lamp that applies 30 stacks of scorch to nearby mobs after defeating an enemy

While incandescent is recommended for most solar builds, Adrenaline Junkie also makes a nice addition to this slot for Sunbracers Warlocks.

PVP God Scroll

Ammit AR2 is a essential supplementary to the Guardian’s arsenal in PvP. The best perks for Ammit AR2 in Destiny 2 PvP are as follows:

Arrow brakes increase weapon recoil and handling

High caliber bullets increase range and hold opponents back

After holding the trigger for a while, the sway is dynamically reduced to increase stability and accuracy

Tap the trigger after the initial trigger pull for more accuracy and stability

For solar enthusiasts like Radiant, it’s not a bad idea to use the Gutshot Straight instead of Tap the Trigger.

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