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NBA 2K23: How to Claim Pre-order Rewards, Packs and VC and How To Change Affiliation

NBA 2K23: How to Claim Pre-order Rewards, Packs and VC and How To Change Affiliation

NBA 2K23 has launched on September 9 and is the latest entry in the legendary NBA 2K series. It’s a very popular basketball sim that is highly anticipated by players, and has some addictive extras. This guide will tell players how to claim rewards, packs and VCs in NBA 2K23 and how to change affiliation, players can prepare more NBA 2K23 coins for the arrival of NBA 2K23.

How to Claim Pre-order Rewards, Packs and VC in NBA 2K23

Players can easily claim numerous rewards for pre-orders in NBA 2K23, which players can claim in MyTEAM or MyCAREER modes. After logging into the game and opening either mode, players can automatically receive rewards including virtual currency (VC) as well as points and tokens. In addition to this, players can also see what specific rewards are available from each mode.

How do I redeem MyTeam pre-order rewards in NBA 2K23?

Introducing NBA 2K23.

Go to MyTeam game mode.

Navigate to Packaging Market.

Choose unopened packages.

Depending on your version of NBA 2K23, you will be waiting for the corresponding bundle reward in an unopened bundle. Make sure to check the unopened packs section weekly to open scheduled packs.

How do I redeem MyCareer pre-order rewards in NBA 2K23?

Introducing NBA 2K23.

Navigate to MyCareer game mode.

Create a character and personalize it.

Go to your apartment.

Choose MyPlayer and Appearance.

After completing the above steps, players will be able to unlock their pre-order rewards in MyTeam and MyCareer. 2K’s system will select the version of NBA 2K23 on your system and distribute rewards accordingly. Rewards are tied to your login details, which means you don’t need to enter a code.

How to Change Affiliation in NBA 2K23

Players won’t have to wait long to join NBA 2K23, as it happens at the start of the game. This also means that players can change affiliations relatively early. Here are step-by-step instructions for changing a player’s NBA 2K23 MyCareer affiliation:

1. Using the touchpad to access the map, the player wants to go to any of the four corners of the map.

2. Fast travel to reach your destination faster, fast travel through subway icons will make your journey a breeze.

3. Talk to a representative to request your new affiliation, options include North Side Knights, Beats of the East, Western Wildcats and South City Vipers.

However, we recommend doing this only during the first week of the season, if players change affiliations at any other time, they will be penalized for losing all progress made in previous affiliations. But switching affiliations is also worthwhile. On the one hand, if the player’s new alliance ends up being the winner of the Rival Day Conquest event, the player will receive VC and cosmetics for free. There’s even a reward for heading to the Alliance Mascot Statue located in the center block of the map every day. After the player interacts with the statue, it will give the player additional VC, XP boosts, or discounts on certain gear.

The above is a specific guide on how to claim pre-order rewards, gift packs and VCs in NBA 2K23 and how to change affiliation. If you are interested in more 2K23 series news, keep an eye on for useful information.

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