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How To Make Money Fast in Temtem

How To Make Money Fast in Temtem

There are many ways to earn money in Temtem, the most traditional way is to fight trainers and sell items, and there is a solid way where you will earn Temtem Pansun by defeating things like Tamers and Dojo Leaders. So this guide will specifically teach you how to make money fast in Temtem.

Importance of Temtem Pansun

TemTem is a game very similar to Pokemon games, where the main goal is to catch monsters and fight other players. Pansun is the main currency of the TemTem video game. TemTem Pansun can be obtained by selling items or winning TemTem battles. Players can purchase in-game goods and services through Pansun.

How to make money fast in Temtem

While picking a starter Temtem is easy, making a Pacsun can be quite challenging by comparison. Temtem players will notice that they get paid when they defeat various trainers and complete certain quests and events, and they will quickly realize that this may not be enough to get them where they want to go. While this may be the livelihood of most Temtem trainers, it simply isn’t enough for others.

Join FreeTem

Joining FreeTem is a great way for anyone looking to earn extra income in Temtem. Society wants to free as many captive Temtem as possible. If players find themselves confused about the ethics of the situation, they don’t need to worry, considering they themselves usually hold these little creatures captive in the first place; society doesn’t seem too keen on the information. After Temtem players connect with FreeTem! Society, Society will keep track of how many Temtem the player has released and pay the player accordingly using a sliding scale.

Fight the tamers you encounter

The second way you can earn money in Temtem is by battling tamers you encounter. On average, you’ll earn between $100 and a little over $200 per visit with Pansuns.

Defeat Dojo and complete the mission

You can also earn Pansuns by defeating Dojos (700 by defeating Sophia), completing certain quests, and finding valuable enough items to sell. The further you go in Temtem, the harder it is to use these methods to replenish your Pansuns. Luckily, there is a method always available for you called FreeTem! organize.

By capturing and releasing Temtems, you will earn Pansuns for each Temtem you release. You can release Temtems at any time, either after you capture them or from your Temdeck. After publishing one or more Temtems, you will need to visit the FreeTem Omninesia branch at Myrisles on Canopath near Nanga.

Weekly prizes

FreeTem! The Society offers Temtem players weekly rewards for accomplishing certain feats. If a player is supposed to release a certain amount of Temtem, the society will reward the Temtem player in addition to cash.

These things include luxuries like DNA strands that can have a huge effect on the reproduction of certain Temtems and guarantee the transfer of certain stats, traits or technologies. There are also cosmetic rewards that can change the Temtem player’s avatar, and Silicon Shards that can be sold for 299 Pacsun each.

Since Temtem is still in Early Access, a bonus from FreeTem! Society is really in its first week.

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