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How To Unlock And Use Soul Speed Enchantment In Minecraft

How To Unlock And Use Soul Speed Enchantment In Minecraft

Soul Speed is an enchantment in Minecraft, and the Soul Speed enchantment allows players to move faster on Soul Sand and Soul Soil. Players can add the Soul Speed enchantment to boots using the anvil or game command, but using the enchantment table does not add the Soul Speed enchantment, so players need to wear the enchanted boots to get the acceleration on Soul Sand and Soul Soil. This guide is designed to show players how to unlock and use Soul Speed Enchantments in Minecraft, and players can also prepare sufficient Minecraft for Windows Game Coins for unlocking Soul Speed Enchantments.

What is Soul Speed Enchantment in Minecraft?

Soul Speed Enchantment is a very niche feature in Minecraft that specifically works to increase the player’s walking speed on Soul Sand and Soul Soil. These are squares that naturally appear in the lower realms and slow players down when they walk normally. The Soul Speed Enchantment can be found in the Soul Sand Valley biome. There are three levels of Soul Speed, each of which increases the speed boost the player receives when walking on these blocks. When a player steps on a soul cube, the durability of the boots is less likely to drop.

How to Get Soul Speed Enchantments in Minecraft?

Since soul speed enchantments are very rare and can only be obtained in the lower realms, players cannot get them by fishing, trading with villagers or from the enchantment table, so here are three ways to get soul speed enchantments

Kill Piglins

Piglins are unique creatures in the lower realms, and if you have not been to the lower realms, you will need to build a lower portal to take you to the lower dimensions. piglins will not normally attack players wearing golden armor. piglins can be generated in the case of golden boots with the soul speed enchantment, and when killed by players, piglins also have a chance of dropping the enchanted golden boots.


Players can trade gold ingots for Piglins to gain Soul Speed. Players first need to wear gold armor so that Piglins will not attack you. You can do this by throwing the ingot at the Piglins or by right-clicking, and the Piglins will turn around and pick up the ingot and examine it for a few seconds. Once Piglins has accepted the gold ingot, it will throw back another random item in exchange, and you can need to perform this action multiple times to gain Soul Speed.

Fortress Ruins

Forts are also structures in the lower realms, and they are famous for having large amounts of loot and lots of gold. When you find the fortress ruins after you get to the lower realm, look for a chest inside the structure. There should be many chests inside the fortress ruins, and each one has many different items hidden inside. When you find the chest in the fortress ruins, you can open it to see what items are inside, and if you are lucky enough, you will find boots or books with soul speed enchantments in the chest.

How to Use Soul Speed Enchantments in Minecraft

When you walk in soul sand or soul soil, the soul speed enchantment will greatly increase the player’s movement speed, which can help the player to travel through time and space faster, which is very helpful for quickly crossing the lower world or establishing fast lanes in the main world.

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