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How to Unlock and Use Temessence Phial in Temtem

How to Unlock and Use Temessence Phial in Temtem

Temessence Phial is an important reusable item in TemTem. To restore the squad to full blood in the game, the tamer needs to unlock Temessence Phial, which is an item obtained in the first main mission in TemTem. This guide will show you how to unlock and use Temessence Phial in Temtem, and players can also prepare a good supply of Temtem Pansun in the game.

Unlocking Temessence Phial in Temtem

Tamers can unlock their Temessence Phial in TemTem’s first main quest, “First Steps,” which will help players get a quick start on their journey through the colorful world of the Airborne Islands. After completing the tamer creation area, meet with Professor Constantinos in the lab. The protagonist will have a conversation with the professor, after which they will be able to select their first Temtem. next, the tamer protagonist must learn the basics of combat by fighting their opponent against their beginner Temtem. Eventually, players will receive their second Beginner Temtem, after which they will be responsible for meeting their opponents Max and the Professor in Briçal de Mar.

Before going any further, however, the Guardian will approach the protagonists and suggest that they obtain the Temessence Phial. to obtain this item, head to Luisouvenirs, a small store in town run by an NPC named Lius. While Luis will not charge the player for the Phial, they will give the protagonist a quest to test their mettle. To obtain Temessence Phial from Luis in TemTem, the player must bring in a Temtem of the Prasine Coast for an NPC, such as Paharo.

Using Temessence Phial in Temtem

1. Before using Temessence Vial, the player first needs to obtain it.

2. To do this, leave the game’s starting town of Zadar and cross the Pulacine Coast to reach the second town in the game, Brikardemal.

3. Go to a store in town called Luisouvenirs and talk to the shopkeeper. She will ask you to show her a Temtem caught on the Prasine coast.

4. Show her the Temtem you caught there, or go back there, catch the Temtem, and return here.

5. After you show it to her, she will give you the essence bottle. Now that you have mastered it, it works as follows.

6. Temessence Vial will completely heal your entire squad: it will restore the fallen Temtem, completely heal your squad’s health and restore everyone’s stamina.

7. After you use it once, you can’t use it again until you heal your Temtem in a mini temp.

8. It is important to note that you cannot use your Temessence Vial in combat – it can only be used outside of combat.

9. The best time to use Temessence Phial is when you are using your last few Temtem in combat, or if your entire party is very low on health and each one can be taken out in one hit. Temessence Phial can be considered a last ditch effort when you have no other options, and it can help rejuvenate you in battle.

This is a specific guide to unlocking and using Temessence Phial in Temtem. If you find this guide helpful, you can subscribe to for more useful guides.

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