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How to Get the No Reprieve Shotgun and God Roll in Destiny 2

How to Get the No Reprieve Shotgun and God Roll in Destiny 2

Season of Plunder has added a set of pirate-themed Eliksni weapons to Destiny 2, including the Stasis Precision Frame Shotgun called No Reprieve. It’s a kinetic static shotgun and a popular choice for players in Destiny 2. So this guide will show players how to get the No Reprieve Shotgun and God Roll in Destiny 2. Players can have plenty of Destiny 2 Silver in the game to help get the No Reprieve Shotgun and God Roll.

How to get the No Reprieve Shotgun in Destiny 2

No Reprieve is a still legendary shotgun added to Destiny 2 during the looting season. Each pirate-themed weapon is very interesting and can be dropped from new events. The shotgun primarily excels in PvP, but certain perks make No Reprieve a great option for PvE content. This weapon’s god roll will deal massive damage and is perfect for the melee oriented build in Destiny 2.

In order to get No Reprieve, you must participate in seasonal loot events such as Ketchcrash, Expeditions, and Pirate Hideouts. Given that this is a seasonal weapon, you will need access to the looting season pass. This is also a reward at the beginning of the looting season, through the introduction of the mission “Ahoy and aweight”. You can also get seasonal loot, including the No Reprieve, by focusing on this Shadowmark on the star chart.

How to make the No Reprieve God Scroll in Destiny 2

As with other loot season weapons, the No Reprieve can be crafted in Incursion. Guardians will need to acquire five red-rimmed versions of this shotgun. the Deepsighted gun can be removed to immediately unlock the pattern’s progress, and players can find the “Restless God Roll” below.

Barrel: Arrowhead Break

Arrowhead Break significantly controls recoil and increases handling speed.

Magazine: Assault Mag

Assault Mag increases the weapon’s rate of fire while significantly improving stability. Destiny 2’s Marauding Weapon Season comes with the Origin feature, Right Hook. Dealing melee damage allows the weapon to increase target acquisition and range for a short period of time. This has two options with the God Roll Perk.

First Trait: Pugilist

Pugilist uses the weapon for a final hit, generating melee energy while dealing melee damage and briefly increasing maneuverability.

Second Trait: Swashbuckler

Swashbuckler gives the No buffer a stacked damage buff from melee kills and kills with weapons. this god roll takes advantage of the shotgun’s origin and proximity effects.

The above is a specific guide for players to get No buffer shotgun and god roll in Destiny 2. Players can buy enough Destiny 2 top up to help you get No buffer in the game.

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