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Grounded: How To Get The Minotaur Maze Key And Its Uses

Grounded: How To Get The Minotaur Maze Key And Its Uses

The Minotaur Maze Key is an item in Grounded that players can use to open the chest at the top of the picnic table, which is important because it contains a formula for milk molars and a peppermint hammer weapon. While you don’t have to open the container, the BURG.L chip inside does unlock some rewards. This guide explains how to get the Minotaur Maze Key Grounded and what to do with it. Players can buy enough Grounded Game PC to get the Minotaur Maze Key.

Where to find Minotaur Maze Key for Grounded

The Minotaur Maze Key is usually found in a cave near a picnic table. Players can find the hiding place of the cave by looking for Exposed and broken pipes, and the cave is also marked with a special location called the Exposed Pipe. The Minotaur Maze Key is a reward only when you reach the end of the cave.

Finding the Minotaur Maze Key as a reward when you reach the end of the cave involves dealing with a set of Soggy Roots. These are all underwater, so the player has to dip his body into the tube to continue processing. To cut through these messy objects, players use a bone dagger or a spider tip dagger. If you don’t have these daggers you’ll need to return to the cave once you’ve got them. Once you’ve dealt with the soggy roots, the rest of the task is relatively easy and the Minotaur Maze Key should be completed with relative ease.

How to Access the Picnic Table and Minotaur Maze

When the Minotaur Maze Key is used to open the chest at the top of the picnic table, the player must first arrive inside the plastic Dungeons & Dragons replica maze. To complete this task, the player must perform the following actions:

  1. The player first heads to the diagonal shovel on the east side of the picnic table, where it stands upright until the player places the Splatburst bomb or other explosive on the rock that supports it.
  2. After the rock is destroyed, the shovel will fall back onto the picnic table, creating a long ramp that the player can run up, which will lead you to the southern bench instead of the top of the table itself.
  3. After running to the end, use the support of the link trestle to cross over to the northern bench.
  4. Then there’s a pile of books to climb on, which leads to a plastic picnic cooler. The cooler has an accessible button that you need to trigger with a level 2 or higher destruction tool, which then causes the handle of the cooler to fall on the table, creating a new ramp.
  5. Then turn left and you’ll see the plastic Minotaur Maze, a door to the left of the dice after a swarm of black ants.
  6. The maze is very simple, just go in, take the first left, then the right, then go straight ahead, pass the plastic statue, then reach the door on the left, the box is in front of you.

Uses of Minotaur Maze Key

After the Picnic BURG.L chip is returned to Oak Lab, players will be able to purchase the Food Stuff logo set and the SCA.B scanner module for detecting milk molars in Grounded. In addition, fans who collect the chips in Minotaur Maze will unlock the Mint Mace, a powerful two-handed weapon.

The above is a guide on how to get Minotaur Maze Key and its uses in Grounded. I hope you can get Minotaur Maze Key quickly after reading this guide, and you can buy it from, a reliable online game coin store, if you need Buy Grounded Game Steam.