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Overwatch 2: Tracer Guide (Skills and Tips)

Overwatch 2: Tracer Guide (Skills and Tips)

One of the most interesting DPS heroes in Overwatch 2 is Tracer. Although she has the lowest HP compared to other characters, she is a time-jumping agent with a fast attack and a wide range of abilities. Tracer’s high mobility makes her an excellent damage character, so this guide will cover guides such as skills and tips for Tracer in Overwatch 2. Players can purchase enough Overwatch 2 Coins to upgrade Tracer’s gear.

Skills of Tracer

Pulse Pistol

Like all other damage heroes, Tracer gets a small temporary boost to his reload speed after being eliminated. Tracer can use this ability to take full advantage of the Dual Pulse Pistol, which is Tracer’s main attack ability. In close quarters combat, the dual pistols can fire a cone that can do serious damage and burn through their magazines in seconds, so players will need to be mindful of reload gaps at all times based on that.


Blink is Tracer’s signature ability in Overwatch 2. When activated, Blink will teleport Tracer a short distance in a direction she is currently unable to move in order to avoid attacks and flank enemies, and will also Tracer can’t jump due to the traversal being too large. Tracer has three Blink charges, each taking three seconds, so she can chain her Blinks into a chaotic series of teleports, making it difficult for enemy champions to focus on her.


Recall is Tracer’s defensive ability that rewinds her for three seconds and resets all damage, buffs, debuffs, and magazine status to three seconds in time. Also removes debuffs from any support heroes she picks up. Recall is difficult to use offensively, but keeps Tracer alive. Recall can also be used as an escape tool, bringing Tracer out of danger before she is killed.

Pulse Bomb (Ultimate)

Pulse Bomb is the Stalker’s ultimate ability in Overwatch 2, allowing Tracer to deal a lot of AOE attacks and damage. When this ability is activated, Tracer hurls an explosive pulse charge at her enemies. If the bomb hits an enemy or the ground, it detonates within a second. Deals enough damage to kill all but the toughest tanks in Overwatch 2, so pulse bombs are best used in combination with Blink and Recall.

Tips of Tracer

Due to Tracer’s low HP, narrow focus, and reliance on mobility, she is most vulnerable to Overwatch 2 heroes, affecting her ability to move. As mentioned earlier, Tracer is an ultra-fast runner with multiple abilities and “hit and run” tactics. With her Blink ability, Tracer can escape from enemies in the blink of an eye. She has the lowest health and armor, but in a fast-paced shooter, she’s more than capable of getting the job done. Therefore, it is recommended that players use it at the most appropriate time, because these skills also have a cooling time.

These are the skills and related tips of Tracerer in Overwatch 2. If you find this guide useful, you can draw on the above guide to fully play as Tracerer. If you need Overwatch 2 Legacy Credits to help you upgrade your Tracer gear you can go to to buy them.