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Tips for Diamond Drawing Plates: How to Use the Diamond Drawing Plate Correctly

Tips for Diamond Drawing Plates: How to Use the Diamond Drawing Plate Correctly

When painters are doing diamond painting, they always need Cheap Diamond Art Kits to help them do more with less in the painting process. This diamond drawing tray comes into play when you start to paint a painting, this tray is perfect for holding diamonds and you can get a lot of benefits from this useful diamond painting tool. So this guide will guide you how to use the diamond painting tray correctly, so as to help you use the tray more effectively for diamond painting.

Arrange the diamond bits in the right way

The Diamond Painting Tray is designed to keep the drill bit flat with the facets facing up. And also used to align drills in straight rows, making it easier to pick up multiple drills at once with the multi-purpose placement tool. You can pour a single-color drill bit into the tray, but it doesn’t have to be too full, there needs to be enough room for the drill bit to move and not overflow. Then gently shake the tray from side to side until most of the bits line up in a neat row. This will slide the bit back to create a neat, tight line. At this point you can use your drill alone, or you can use a multi-purpose drill. If needed, you can add more bits to the tray and repeat the shaking and tapping to bring more alignment. When children of that color are not used, simply pour them back into the bag or container with the spout.

Secure the tray in place with adhesive pads

The diamond tray can easily fall off if you hold it in your hand while painting, luckily you can use a micro-adhesive self-adhesive pad to stick the tray to the canvas when working on an angled surface like an easel. Use this sticky pad to keep the drill handy while making sure you don’t accidentally drop or tip the tray. Even if you don’t use an easel, the double-sided self-adhesive pad is ideal for keeping the tray on a flat surface. This cushion will reduce your risk of hitting the tray and knocking it off the table.

Use organizers to stack trays

The Diamond Painting Tray Organizer makes it easy to keep your tray full of colored bits neat and organized, and it stacks your trays to keep everything in one place when you’re working with lots of different colored details When designing, this approach works well.

Use the pallet to disassemble the drill

When you come across lumpy drills, instead of trying to separate them with your hands, you can place them in one tray and then another tray on top. Gently push down on the upper tray and the drills in the lower tray should separate easily. For particularly stuck bits, rub the trays until they separate.

So to sum up, the role of the diamond painting tray should not be underestimated, but different people have different degrees of acceptance of this tool. If you think this painting tool is very helpful for you in the painting process, you can also go to Check out Diamond Painting for Sale.

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