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What Is A Car Master Key And How To Get One

What Is A Car Master Key And How To Get One


Modern cars are equipped with master keys that contain computer chips to prevent car theft, but this technology makes changing keys expensive and time-consuming. Because all car keys are not the same, every car you own has a similar key, but it’s actually a different type, with multiple functions, and a different price. So this article will introduce you what is a car master key and how to get a car master key, you can buy an auto lock pick to help you unlock the car where you lost your keys.

What Is A Car Master Key

The car master key is for making copies and cannot be used for everyday use. So they are a lot more expensive than regular keys, not only are they expensive to replace, but some old car owners have to replace them if they lose their engine management system. Because the master car key can open the doors and activate the ignitions of multiple vehicles, this type of key is reserved for automotive professionals and locksmiths, but it also has a potentially criminal element. Because car thieves use this master car key to steal a car.

Can I Legally Own A Master Car Key?

Legal master car keys do not exist for the purpose of stealing a car, and most state laws exempt certain individuals, businesses, and government departments and agencies that manufacture, distribute, or possess master keys from criminal liability, such as:

Auto dealer

Fleet owner

Commercial and Professional Locksmiths

Car rental company

Automobile manufacturers

Car Club

Government agency

What Is The Difference Between A Master Key And A Normal Key

If you have an older vehicle or one that you may remember, then you’ll find basic car keys or legacy options that you can easily recreate at the hardware store and that easily hang on your keychain superior. There are many reasons why car keys have evolved from this option, but one is because they lack any security features. While the master key is much more expensive than the regular key, the master key can open this lock and a set of other locks. In these locks, some pairs of pins are separated by a third pin.

How To Get A Car Master Key

Your car dealer can provide you with a new master key, and you’ll need to provide the year, make and model of your car, and VIN. However, auto dealers usually charge around $150 to replace a master car key.

A locksmith can also get a new master key for your vehicle, and most locksmiths will be there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The cost of a new master key obtained from a locksmith varies by region and individual locksmith pricing.

You can also sell through the online store to order the master keys you need, which are blank and need to be cut and programmed to fit your vehicle. Once you have the keys, the online store you ordered from will tell you how to do this. Buying a new master key from an online dealer is the best deal, but prices vary depending on the make and model of the car.

Above is a specific guide on what a car master key is and how to get one, if you want to get a new master key, you can go to the online store and buy enough car lock picks.

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