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Grounded: How To Get Into BBQ Spill And Charcoal Hot Springs

Grounded: How To Get Into BBQ Spill And Charcoal Hot Springs

Grounded is a nightmare for anyone with an insect phobia. This is a survival game where the player must determine which ones are useful and keep away from predators when surrounded by insects. When surviving in the backyard, players need a lot of resources to survive. So this guide will show players how to get into BBQ spills and charcoal hot springs, players can prepare enough Grounded Game PC Cheap in-game.

BBQ Game Location

The location of the barbecue oil spill is located in the Upper Prairie area. Players need to use the Upper Yard Ascend to climb up here and use dynamite to blow up the rocks blocking the path. Once you’re up, the overflow point for the grill is in the northwest corner.

Once the player reaches this location, they will notice that this area is similar to a sandbox. Players will start frying in the heat overflowing from the BBQ and will take damage from status effects. The best way to survive in this area is to wear Antlion armor, which reduces the damage to players from warm biomes. Players will also need to eat quesadillas, a food that provides nourishing protection, again reducing the damage and risk you face when traversing BBQ spills and charcoal hot springs. Finally players can also use the Fresh Defense mutation, which will reduce the hiss based on its level.

How to Access BBQ Spill and Charcoal Spas

Reaching the BBQ Spill requires the player to head northwest through the Upper prairie area, walk the Upper Yard Ascend and destroy the rocks blocking the rest of the path. Level 3 enemy mobs finisher level bonuses are scattered around Spill, making it difficult for players to travel to the area until they have a lot of Grounded system experience. The Charcoal Hot Springs, just west of the BBQ Spill, is a puddle in the ashes of an overturned BBQ grill. The main guardian of BBQ leaks is Grounded’s larval enemies, more specifically called ladybug larvae. As the player approaches their cave location, they become more aggressive, and like Grubs, their attacks increase the deadly Sizzle meter, further limiting the player’s time in the mini-biome.

How to Grow Charcoal Blocks in Grounded

While a charcoal block won’t directly help you avoid death, it does help your cooking source. Or more specifically, it’s useful when making an oven. So to get the charcoal block on the ground, you will have to farm it from the nearby overturned grill. The main downside, however, is that getting closer to the grill starts to lower your HP. Going further is fatal to you. So growing charcoal blocks becomes very difficult. You will need to have the entire Antlion armor set up to get some defensive sizzle. You will have to quickly farm a few charcoal blocks with your insect hammer and then get back to safety.

That’s all for a specific guide on how to access BBQ Spills and Charcoal Hot Springs in Grounded, and players looking to find more items can Buy Grounded Game Steam at for a discounted price.