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5 Ways to Clean Up Spilled Bits, Drills, and Diamonds

5 Ways to Clean Up Spilled Bits, Drills, and Diamonds

Painting with diamonds is a fun and relaxing hobby that can help lift the mood of the painter. If you accidentally spill your carefully assembled and aligned diamond bits, these strings of sparkling bits and tiny bamboos will all panic you. But don’t worry, this article will show you how to easily clean up these spilled diamond beads and bits, you can also buy Cheap Diamond Art Kits directly, and there will be less tedious painting process.

The Best Way to Clean Up Spilled Bits

Take out the lint roller

Lint rollers aren’t just good for removing lint or pet hair from your favorite black pants. They are also good at picking up drill bits that have fallen on the ground. Dab the spilled area lightly with a lint roller. Then, use tweezers to carefully remove the resin gems from the sticker and put them back on the tray, bag, or wherever they need to go. Depending on the roller’s adhesive, your beads may be a little sticky after they’re removed. You can fill a large bowl with warm water and add a little dish soap. Then, place your diamond drill in the sieve filter. Put the strainer in water and soak for an hour. Remove the filter, rinse the drill bits with fresh warm water, and place them on a paper towel to dry.

Wipe with wet paper towel

If you spill beads while working on a crafting table or other hard surface, you can pick them up with a damp paper towel. The towel is damp, but not soaking wet, and your drill should stick to it easily. When you’ve cleaned them up, shake the towel gently over a large bowl to release them.

Use a mini broom and dustpan

Mini brooms and dustpans are also good options for picking up bits that have strayed from your desk or desk. Sweep the beads into the pot, then carefully pour them into the container. For best results, use a dedicated mini broom and dustpan, if you’re using the same one you clean your room, your drill may get dirty. If your beads get dirty after cleaning this way, you can soak them in soapy water for a good soak. Rinse and dry before placing them in a container.

Use a regular vacuum cleaner

You can use any vacuum to suck up a collapsed bit as long as it has a hose. To avoid pulling them into bags or jars, cover the nozzles with nylon stockings. Hold the sock with one hand to prevent it from being pulled into the nozzle. Once the socks are installed, the vacuum will pick up the bits without pulling them all the way into the unit. When you’re done sucking, place the end of the nozzle on a large jar or container while maintaining the vacuum. Turn it off and all the resin diamonds should fall into the container.

With tweezers

If you’re unlucky enough to bump some beads onto your self-adhesive canvas, tweezers are the best option for cleanup. Carefully grab individual diamond drills and place them back into the tray, bag or container. It takes some patience if you spill a lot, but it’s the best way to save on your supplies without damaging your art.

The above is the best way to clean up spilled beads, drills and diamonds. If you feel that making your own diamond painting is time-consuming and labor-intensive, you can buy the Diamond Painting for Sale you want at at a discounted price .

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