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Overwatch 2: Wrecking Ball Guide (Skills and Tips)

Overwatch 2: Wrecking Ball Guide (Skills and Tips)

As important as having a healer in Overwatch 2, Wrecking Ball is one of the most unusual tank heroes around, and one that struggles to find a place in the new patch. Wrecking Ball is best for going head-to-head with enemy teams, but he won’t last long without support. So this guide is here to introduce the skills and related tips of Wrecking Ball in Overwatch 2 for players. Players also need to prepare enough Overwatch 2 Coins in the game to help upgrade the equipment and skills of Wrecking Ball.

Wrecking Ball’s Skills

Quad Cannons

Wrecking Ball’s primary weapon in Overwatch 2 is its quad cannon, which he can only use when not in rolling mode. While the quad cannon doesn’t do a lot of damage, it has a fast rate of fire and can be dangerous at close mid-range.


Wrecking Ball can activate his rolling abilities at any time, changing from a quadruped robot to a rolling ball controlled by a third person. When Roll is activated, Wrecking Ball’s speed increases and remains the same no matter which direction he moves, he also accelerates faster when going downhill.

Grappling Claw

Grappling Claw is Wrecking Ball’s most useful skill in roll mode, allowing him to attach himself to a vertical surface and swing to accelerate dramatically or fly into the air. His functions are versatile and can be used for offense, defense, and movement.

Adaptive Shield

Wrecking Ball has a dedicated defensive ability in Adaptive Shield, Adaptive Shield will instantly give the Wrecking Ball 100 temporary health and an additional 100 health to every enemy within a 10m radius.


When Wrecking Ball is at least 2.25 meters above the ground (an orange arrow in the center of the screen), he can activate the pile driver. This ability smashes the Destruction Ball to the ground at high speed, damaging any enemy Heroes within 10 meters and throwing them into the air.


Wrecking Ball’s ultimate ability is Minefield, which throws 15 explosive close-range mines in two concentric circles at his current location. 1.5 seconds after being equipped, each mine explodes, dealing up to 130 damage when an enemy hero comes within a 1.5m radius.

Tips for Wrecking Ball

Offense and defense combined with four cannons and adaptive shields

Quad Cannons are double-barreled assault rifles that can deal a lot of damage, especially against a single target with enough headshots. The Adaptive Shield is still in play due to the weakness of the Quad Cannons. In Overwatch 2, the health buff has been increased from 75 to 100, giving the Wrecking Ball more defense to survive on enemy teams or lead your own. Additionally, the Adaptive Shield boost increases based on the distance of the Wrecking Ball from multiple enemies.

Denial area with minefields

An extremely powerful ultimate in Overwatch 2, Wrecking Ball’s Minefield is exactly what it suggests, spreading an explosive floating mine around the player’s location. While mines can be shot and destroyed, Wrecking Ball players force enemy teams to acknowledge their strategy in Overwatch 2, giving their teams time to play to their advantage and win contentious interactions.

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