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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak- How To Get Cryo Sac

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak- How To Get Cryo Sac

Cryo Sac is the master class material in Monster Hunter Rise, and is a brand new material debuting in the Sunbreak expansion pack. And on top of that is the conspicuous lack of ice-based monsters in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, making it difficult for players to acquire this exclusive item. However, this guide will help players get Cryo Sac in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, all players have to do is buy enough Monster Hunter Rise Zenny in the game to help get the materials needed in the game.

How to get Cryo Sac

Materials such as cryo-sacs are special items obtained by looting the environment, completing quests and objectives, and carving certain monsters. Materials are usually harvested from monsters after the hunt is complete, and these are mainly used to craft and upgrade the hunter’s equipment. In Monster Hunter Rise, players can get Cryo Sac from only three monsters: Barioth, Goss Harag, and Aoura Somnacanth. Of the three, Goss Harag has the lowest chance of dropping one, while Aoura Somnacath has the highest chance. So players want to choose which monster to fight in the game depends on the personal preferences of their own hunters. But for those who want to get Cryo Sac as soon as possible, they will choose to focus on fighting Aoura Somnacanth.

Players have a 19% chance of obtaining a Cryo Sac by defeating Aoura Somnacanth, and an additional 14% if the hunter manages to capture the beast, giving players a 33% chance of obtaining the item overall. Unlike other monster drops in Monster Hunter Rise, destroying its parts does not grant any additional rewards. So with that in mind, players who want to get more Cryo Sac will need to learn how to counter Aoura Somnacanth.

How to beat Aoura Somnacanth

The Aoura Somnacanth is a unique subspecies of the normal Somnacanth, which means it retains most of its original moves, but also has some new tricks. Unlike the original, the Aoura version swaps out its previous weakness, Thunder, for Fire, which, as one would expect, now uses a lot of ice-based attacks. When attacked by one of these, players have a high chance of gaining Iceblight, which will reduce their stamina, so if this happens, they should eat a Nullberry to remove it ASAP.

Unlike its standard counterpart, the Aoura Somnacanth is more aggressive and will slide and circle the player more often, a fight that will require the player to use the Wirebug more frequently to avoid the beast’s attacks. Otherwise, players should be wary of its new ultimate ability, The Icy Wastes. Players can avoid this attack by using Wirebugs to reach a safe distance or launching Flash Bombs to stun monsters. Overall, the fight is a little difficult, but players will have some corresponding skills to deal with this fearsome beast.

According to the above guide, players will eventually have a chance to get Cryo Sac, and if players lack enough MH Rise Zenny, they can go to to buy it at the cheapest price.