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FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: How To Get Better Rewards In Squad Battles

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: How To Get Better Rewards In Squad Battles

In FIFA 23, Squad Battles is back and has become a crucial component of the Ultimate Team system. Although Division Rivals and FUT Champions are the two major modes in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, offering the best prizes and the most intense battles, Squad Battles may still be a thrilling fight against the AI, especially when you take on the hardest challenges. It takes a lot of time and effort to reach the mode’s highest rewards. So, the purpose of this article is to instruct players on how to maximize prizes in FIFA 23 team battles. Players need to buy cheap FIFA 23 coins in the game to help them win in squad battles.

What Are FIFA 23 Squad Battles Rewards

For Squad Battles, there are two different kinds of rewards: Gold Coins from matches, and Gift Packs from ranks. The more coins a player earns, the higher his ranking, and consequently the better the rewards, the better his performance in the game. In addition, playing on a harder difficulty level will provide players more opportunities to win combat points, which will help them advance through the ranks more quickly. Players can play up to 42 games against other FUT teams each week and gain Warrior Points by placing well. As you play more games and move up the rankings, your player prizes will increase throughout the course of the week. The squad combat prizes each player will get over the course of the weekend will be decided regardless of rank.

FIFA 23 Squad Battle Time

Every Sunday at 8:00AM UTC, players may receive their FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Squad Battles prizes. After then, a new week starts, giving players an additional seven days to accumulate as many Squad Battle Points as they can in order to advance in rank and receive more rewards. The rewards increase better as players play more games on harder levels.

How to Get Better Rewards in Squad Battles

Play 40 Squad Fight games each week.

Players can play up to 42 games during each week of Squad Battles, which runs from Sunday to Sunday. For players who want to assemble the finest Ultimate Team possible, the benefits are still worthwhile even though they are lower than in FIFA 22 and significantly lower than when the mode first debuted. The player’s standing in the weekly game increases as more points are earned in the game.

Every week, compete against featured teams and the Team of the Week.

Players will score a ton of points for each match regardless of performance. Therefore, make sure that a player is playing both the Featured Team and the Team of the Week each week in order to maximize the player’s weekly point total.

Determine the appropriate level of challenge for your skill level.

Despite the temptation, because of the larger possible points per game, Legendary’s highest difficulty setting is not recommended. Find a balance that is simple enough to win most games without being too easy that the player loses out on additional possible points on higher difficulty settings if the player wants to solve the challenge perfectly.

Last but not least, the player seeks to maintain control of the ball throughout the game. While this doesn’t significantly affect the number of points won, the more you have, the more points the player earns. Additionally, players can buy enough FUT 23 Coins to upgrade their characters’ equipment in order to win squad battles.