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How to Get Round Robin Hand Cannon and God Roll in Destiny 2

How to Get Round Robin Hand Cannon and God Roll in Destiny 2

With the release of the Lightfall expansion, the Round Robin, a new legendary hand cannon, was added to Destiny 2. This rollable Strand gun has two new Perks, an Aggressive Frame, and is craftable. The only other hand cannon with a Strand affinity is this one. Moreover, because it has an aggressive frame archetype, it is better suited for PvP confrontations, while it might succeed in PvE with the right rolls. With the help of this advice, users of Destiny 2 can prepare an adequate amount of Destiny 2 Silver for the game in order to obtain the Round Robin Hand Cannon and God Roll.

How to Get the Round Robin Hand Cannon in Destiny 2

Only by farming on Neomuna may one get the one-of-a-kind weapon known as the Round Robin. Running the Terminal Overload activity constantly is the simplest method. Players must use the Terminal Overload key to unlock the chest holding the Round Robin after finishing the event. It’s important to note that this weapon can only be farmed on Neomuna and is not otherwise available.

For this occasion, there is a weapon spinner, though. As a reward for finishing this event, a fresh weapon will be selected from the Neomuna arsenal each day. Players will therefore need to pay special attention to what weaponry the first event will drop.

The weapon might not be used throughout the day if they don’t get a round robin. Players can also get the weapon via looting engrams from the Nimbus, even though there aren’t many chances to discover it in local chests at this area. The player can finally create the weapon.

Now that we’ve established that weapons rotate during a terminal overload occurrence, the player must take into consideration the following rolls:

Corkscrew Rifling, Flared Magwell, Jealous Assassin, and Hatchling are all recommended for PVE.

Corkscrew Rifle – slightly increased range and stability, slightly increased processing speed

Flared Magwell – Slightly increased stability, greatly increased reload speed

Envious Assassin – Quickly defeating a target with another weapon before drawing this weapon will transfer ammo from the reserve to the magazine. This effect can overflow the magazine based on the number of targets defeated.

Whelpling – A precise final blow or quick defeat of a target with a non-precision weapon will spawn a Threadling at the target’s location.

For PVP Full Bore, Ricochet Rounds, Keep Away and Kill Clip would be good.

Full Bore – Greatly increases range, reduces stability, slightly reduces processing speed

Ricochet Rounds – Increased stability, slightly increased range

Keep Your Distance – Increases reload, range, and accuracy when no combatants are approaching.

Kill Clip – Reloading after a kill increases damage.

Round Robin Hand Cannon Scroll

Round Robin has many perks to choose from, each suitable for both PvE and PvP activities. However, considering it’s a 120 RPM hand cannon, you’re better off using it in PvP, where you’ll find more success than in PvE. With that in mind, the God Roll you should be looking for is Keep Away and Kill Clip.

The most recent addition, Stay Away, boosts the gun’s reloading speed, range, and accuracy when foes are not nearby. On the other hand, after a kill, Kill Clips do 25% extra damage. The aforementioned is a guide on how to obtain the God Roll and Round Robin Hand Cannon in Destiny 2. Players can purchase cheap Destiny 2 top up in-game to assist in obtaining the Round Robin Hand Cannon.