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How to Get the Meteor Badge in Destiny 2

How to Get the Meteor Badge in Destiny 2

One of the newest cosmetic items in the game is the Destiny 2 Meteor Emblem, and obtaining it is crucial for players that collect them. It’s not as uncommon as finishing the Nightmare Origin raid in Race Mode of the Lightfall expansion (which is more difficult for the first 48 hours), but it’s still a well-made new item. We’ll go through how to obtain the Meteor Badge in Destiny 2 in this article. In the game, players can gather enough Destiny 2 Silver.

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In fact, only players with an Amazon Prime membership are able to equip the Meteor badge in Destiny 2. All you have to do to connect your account is click on this link if you have one.

After finished, the green success pop-up in-game will show that you have earned the Meteor Badge even if it is not specified as a prize. To claim your Prime Game Prizes in-game, just go to the Tower and chat with Cryptarch Master Rahool.

How to Get the Meteor Badge in Destiny 2

The meteor is unquestionably one of Destiny 2’s most exquisite badges. It stands out from other badges thanks to its lavender blue theme. Nevertheless, this badge can only be obtained by people having an Amazon Prime membership, unlike other badges that may be acquired by doing missions or using the battle pass.

Go to the Popcorn Exotic Bundle page after joining Amazon Prime. You must first link your Bungie account with Amazon Prime in order to receive rewards. The “Connect Account” button on the same page makes this quick and easy. The package will be instantly added to your account once it’s finished. But it won’t appear in the list of awards. Instead, you must launch Destiny 2 and then go to the tower to speak with Rahul the Cryptographer. You will receive the reward from him.

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It’s crucial to keep in mind that Amazon Prime Rewards consist of more than just the Meteor Badge. You will instead receive four more things. This bundle has the Falling Stars badge in addition to the following:

Unknown emoji of popcorn

Exotic Sparrow Andromeda’s Glittering SL-19 Barebones Butt Rebel Projection of Legend Famous Ghost Hologram

Remember that the deadline for claiming your prizes is April 30, 2023. The award will then cease to exist. To earn the Meteor Badge, players can prepare enough Destiny 2 top up in the game.

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